Why Does My Treadmill Keep Stopping When Walked/ran on?

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Workout devices have opened a new chapter in helping workout enthusiasts to maintain fit from their houses. The best example of such workout devices is the treadmills that have gained popularity due to the immense benefits they provide. Apart from helping us maintain proper shapes, they stand out to ensure we stay a healthy life.

However, these devices have several challenges as such. At times, they develop problems that make them malfunction. Among the signs of a malfunctioning treadmill is the regular stopping of the machine while using it. So, why does my treadmill keep stopping?

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Common Treadmill Problems

How long do treadmills last? Treadmills develop various problems that reduce their general lifespan and effectiveness alike. These machines have displays that help users monitor their progress while on their workout sessions. Such issues arise when the electrical motor button is off or failure to plug the power cord correctly. Consequently, the problem might occur due to depleted batteries, thereby calling you to replace them with new ones.

Common Treadmill Problems

Another common problem our treadmills develop entails slipping off of the treadmill belt. Slipping of belts develops due to over-tightened belts as well as excessive lubrication of these components. Solving this problem just requires ensuring the belt isn’t too loose as well as too tight. Moreover, you should avoid over-lubricating the belt since this makes it more slippery and easy to slip off.

Thirdly, the problem of heated treadmill belts is also commonly reported by users of these machines. Such problems develop mainly because of excessive friction on these components. Treadmill owners can solve such issues by ensuring regular lubrication of treadmill belts. However, avoid over-lubrication since this will contribute to regular slipping of the belt from its track.

Why Does My Treadmill Keep Stopping

Even though treadmills have gained popularity as the most effective workout device, they have some challenges alike. The belt, motor, or any other component might get halted by surprise between the exercise period and any time. Whenever such instances happen, then you need to troubleshoot the problems to continue enjoying their benefits. So, why does my treadmill keep stopping?

Why Does My Treadmill Keep Stopping

1. Inadequate Lubrication

The belt requires regular lubrication to make complete rotations efficiently. Inadequate lubrication should remain a routine maintenance course to a treadmill to prevent friction buildup that damages belts. However, there are treadmill models that are self-lubricating to purchase if you are such a forgetful person. For the manually lubricated options, you need to check if there is sufficient lubricant before using them.

2. Worn or Damaged Walking Belt

Here is another reason why treadmills keep stopping between sessions to the extent you get frustrated with them. You can conduct tests on your treadmill to ascertain problems with the walking belt using either a DC/AC amp draw. Other tests prove the condition of the walking belt or get online for experts to guide you. All problems with treadmills need immediate fixing or repair for the machine to function effectively.

3. Excessively Tight Walking Belt

Experts advise treadmill users to tighten walking belts moderately, not too loose or too tight as such. Remember, tightened treadmill belts make the drive systems employ excessive energy to maintain other parts moving. Usually, an excellently tightened belt is easy to lift to about 3″ or so without much effort or straining. When loosening excessively tight belts, ensure you don’t over-loosen them to an extent you create slipping situations.

4. Too Tight Motor Belt

Apart from the walking belt, the motor belt also needs to remain moderately tightened throughout. An excellently tightened belt is simple to turn to about 90 degrees by hand from a normal operating position. Ensure you loosen the belt if you feel it’s in a tight fix, and also check for slipping as well. Consider replacing the motor belt if it slips with proper tension.

5. Demagnetized Motor

Seemingly, cases of demagnetized motors also contribute to the frequent stopping of treadmills while in use. Usually, the problem arises when the motor brushes get exhausted, leading the component to lose torque. However, this is a rare scenario, and you can deduce the problem once everything is in a suitable condition. You can diagnose the problem by changing the motor brushes using new ones or employing ones from different treadmill motors.

Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Treadmill

Maintaining treadmills is vital to achieving the best results from these machines in your workout sessions. However, there are tasks manufacturers advise treadmills owners to conduct regularly to maintain their machine in a suitable condition. For instance, lubricating treadmills regularly form the utmost importance of all maintenance routines to these machines. However, ensure you don’t under or over-lubricate the machine since this might affect these machines’ functioning.

Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Treadmill

Moreover, tightening the belts moderately is essential to prevent damaging them or malfunctioning of the machine. Ensure to adjust the motor and walking belts often, especially in the lubrication period. Avoid over-tightening the belts or loosening them since they won’t have formidable exercise experience. The operator manual entails tightening instruction treadmill owners should follow to ensure the belts get tightened moderately.

Lastly, vacuuming inside your treadmill motor compartment is essential, maybe at least once a year. However, ensure to remain vigilant with the electrical components in the motor to prevent damaging them. Vacuuming this compartment removes all dirt might hinder the functioning of the motor in different ways.


So, why does my treadmill keep stopping? Treadmills are indeed super-essential workout devices exercisers must-have in their exercise rooms. They offer users the benefits of maintaining health as well as in the best and admirable shapes. However, they develop mechanical problems that hinder users from continuing with their daily routines.

As a workout lover, solving simple treadmill problems should never be anything big to you. Always inspect your machine the issues we have illustrated and fix them whenever they emerge. Ensure repair and fixing of issues gets conducted as the problem comes by to avoid it growing further.

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