How To Protect Knees On Elliptical Machine?

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Elliptical means an elliptical trainer or elliptical machine, which is a stationary exercise machine that is used to stair climb, walk, and run without giving less pressure on knee joints. However, if you have knee pain or joint pain and want to do an elliptical workout with the elliptical machines, then you should know How To Protect Knees On Elliptical.

To protect your knees while doing an elliptical workout, you can wear a knee brace that will support your knee. While starting an elliptical workout with knee pain, you need to start slowly with little and meager resistance, hold the handrails lightly, and try to maintain proper body alignment. To learn more, read the next segment of the article, where I have added some more ways to protect your knees on the elliptical trainer.

Is Elliptical OK For Bad Knees?

The elliptical trainer is an ideal low-impact exercise that can benefit your knees. The elliptical workout is also known as a less stressful form of cardio for the knees, back, and hips. These machines are easier on the knees as they apply low impact on the knees. By using the elliptical machine, you can strengthen other muscles of your body, which will keep your knees healthy.

Is Elliptical OK For Bad Knees?

The elliptical trainer can help you to recover from your knee injuries. People with knee pains and arthritic knees can reduce their pain by doing low-impact cardio workouts with elliptical machines. If anyone feels pain in the knees while doing elliptical workouts, they should stop exercising rather than keep doing it.

How To Protect Knees On Elliptical

Many elliptical machine users suffer knee weakness and sore knees after their elliptical workouts. To reduce these types of knee pains and joint pains, elliptical machine users should know the solutions of  How To Protect Knees On Elliptical. Below I have added some instructions and solutions to protect knees while doing elliptical workouts on the elliptical machines.

How To Protect Knees On Elliptical

1. Use Knee Brace

The best way to protect your knees on the elliptical machine is through prevention. You can use a knee brace or knee guard to protect your knees. While you ride on your elliptical machine to do elliptical workouts, you should wear knee braces to protect your knees. A pair of knee braces will keep the muscle tension in the proper position.

2. Choose the Right Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical machines are used to achieve fitness goals. But before riding on this machine, it is essential to choose the right fitness equipment. If the elliptical machine does not match your height and weight, then it can cause knee pain and muscle cramping. So, before buying this machine, you need to check whether it matches your weight and height or not. If you are short in height, then there are various Elliptical For Short Person in the market which can help you.

Choose the Right Elliptical Trainer

3. Find the Right Fit

Before using the elliptical machine, it is essential to set the right setting on the machine. To set the right setting on the machine, you need to read the manual guide of the machine. In the manual guide, you will find height customization and different incline levels. You just need to set the machine as per your body preference.

4. Maintain Proper Body Posture

Having proper body posture is essential for all types of exercise. When you ride on the elliptical machine, you need to maintain correct body posture; otherwise, wrong body posture can cause severe knee pain, back pain, and muscle injuries. Proper body posture will protect your knees on the elliptical machine.

5. Pre and Post Workout

It is essential to do a pre-workout warm-up and post-workout stretching. It is necessary to do a warm-up before riding on the elliptical machine. A warm-up exercise will prepare your muscles for elliptical workouts. After completing your workout, you need to do stretching because it will manage your overstressed muscles and reduce the workout pain and also knee pain.

Pre and Post Workout

6. Overuse Injuries

Always try to avoid the overuse of the elliptical trainer because it will put pressure on your knees. If you do excess exercise by using the elliptical, then it can cause severe injuries, including knee pain and joint pain. So, you should avoid overuse to protect your knees from knee pain.

Benefits Of Elliptical Workout For Knees

An elliptical trainer is an essential machine to do an effective aerobic workout. Anyone can achieve their fitness goal by doing elliptical workouts on the machine because this machine comes with lots of health benefits. Below I have added some essential benefits of elliptical workouts for knees.

Benefits Of Elliptical Workout For Knees

  • Elliptical workouts are less stressful for the knees and hips, which helps to reduce knee pain.
  • You can strengthen your joints by strengthening the surrounding muscles around those joints with elliptical workouts, and this will help you to reduce joint pains.
  • When you do elliptical workouts on the elliptical trainer, it will keep your entire body moving, and because of this, your arthritic knees will reduce pain.
  • The nice fluid motion of the elliptical trainer will save your knees from overstressing, which can relieve you from pain in the leg muscles and knee joints.
  • You can customize your workouts by the speed and resistance setting of the elliptical machine, which will work on the hamstring muscles, quads, ankles, and back of your thighs which helps to have healthy knees.
  • The elliptical workouts lessen the pounding on the knee joints, which is helpful to reduce knee pains.
  • Through elliptical workouts, you can increase blood flow, especially around the knee cartilage, which will strengthen your knees and reduce knee pains.


An elliptical trainer as a stationary exercise machine provides a wide range of benefits, including pain relief on the knees. However, if you feel that your knee pain is recurring while doing elliptical workouts on the machine, then you should identify the possible causes of your pain. After that, you need to know the solutions of How To Protect Knees On Elliptical.

However, I have already discussed the possible solutions to protect your knees in the above portion of the article. Hopefully, these solutions will help you to protect your knees from knee pains.

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