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Apartments are known for their tight spaces. Hence, sometimes it becomes difficult to set up a workout area in such small spaces. But the good news is that there are plenty of the best elliptical for apartments on the market.

Why do I say it is good news? Since people have no time to go to the gym regularly, it would be sad if you could install your elliptical machine at home so that you can exercise comfortably just because there is not enough space.

The machines reviewed here are some of the most convenient in that regard. You can now put up your favorite elliptical in your apartment and consume just a little space. It is such a convenience. It creases the morale to want to get engaged and enjoy the benefits more.

Are Ellipticals Effective for Weight Loss?

Yes, you can use ellipticals for weight loss. These trainers offer weight-bearing movement, and they put less strain on your joints.


Such cardiovascular activity benefits you more than one. For instance, it helps you tone your muscles and simultaneously. Amazingly, it can also help you lose weight very effectively.

An elliptical has a high calorie-burning ability, which can help you shed off that stubborn body fat and tone muscles in a shorter time. If you focus more on the interval workout, the results will be even better. If you are looking to maximize fat burning, the trick lies in focusing on your workouts’ intensity.

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ANCHEER Elliptical Machine

ancient Elliptical Machine Elliptical Trainer

MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine

SNODE Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

5 Best Elliptical for Apartment Reviews 2021

Everyone needs one of these. Also, you need to utilize the machine to the maximum when on it. Various machines provide better results than others. Here are some of the best elliptical for an apartment.

1. ANCHEER Elliptical Machine

ANCHEER Elliptical Machine

All these ellipticals on the market make it difficult for users to choose. This is mainly those who are not well conversant with the types and features to look for. However, elliptical such as this one by ANCHEER are easy to notice and identify. With all its many good features, you can fall for it even at first sight.

It is quiet driven, which means you can use it in a small apartment with other people watching TV and going about their business. Together with the fact that it takes little space in your apartment, it is clear why it has come out as the best elliptical for a small apartment, and there is no doubt about it.

Additionally, this elliptical has a dual power motion. Hence, it works not only in your lower body but also in the upper section simultaneously. You will achieve better results within less time, both per session and in the long run.

ANCHEER Elliptical Features:

  • The ergonomic design makes it space-saving hence takes up little space in your apartment and still provides enough space to work out.
  • Dual power motion ensures that it serves both upper and lower body muscles simultaneously.
  • The multifunctional digital monitor helps you keep track of every important element.
  • Provides eight levels of magnetic resistance for more and comprehensive workout sessions.
  • Supports 350 pounds weight capacity with its enhanced 13-inch non-slip foot pedals.

2. ancient Elliptical Machine Elliptical Trainer

ancient Elliptical Machine Elliptical Trainer

Right from the structure to the way it functions, this elliptical machine has won many people’s hearts. It becomes even a better option if your apartment has limited space, but you still need to exercise in your house style. What could be more convenient for exercising without leaving the coziness of your home? Perhaps that is why it is still the best elliptical for small spaces.

Whether you are a man or a woman, this machine will keep you healthy while toning your muscles too. With an eight-level magnetic resistance system, you can begin with the easiest level and make your way up the resistance ladder for enjoyable workouts.

Likewise, the pedals are larger and safer even for a more vigorous workout on the elliptical. You will have a smooth flowing exercise aided by a digital monitor display for feedback. Besides, it comes with convenient transport wheels that make it portable to give you an easier time.

ancient Elliptical Features:

  • Adjustable magnetic resistance with 8 levels to allow you to alter your exercise while aiming at meeting your fitness goals.
  • LCD digital monitors are clear, wide, and feed you with accurate information on your workout progress.
  • A precision-balanced flywheel together with a v-belt drive makes it operate smoothly and quietly.
  • A 13-inch pedal with a non-slip surface provides enough space even for the largest foot.
  • Transport wheels are convenient in making the machine portable and easy to move within and outside the house.

3. MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine

MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine

When you do not have time to go to the gym, invest in this MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine. It is a good elliptical for home use with a reputation that many of its immediate competitions dream of having. Besides the fact that it can help you get in shape, it is an elegant machine that would look nice in your small apartment.

The machine comes with a dual handle, which makes exercise more diversified. You have both fixed and movable handles to help you achieve more. Also, since you get to change handles, the muscles involved are trained better than in a normal handle scenario.

The elliptical trainer also has a heavy-duty frame, strong and sturdy enough to support 264 pounds. Similarly, the frame is one reason you can count on the machine to remain stable while you pedal. With this, you can never go wrong.

MaxKare Magnetic Features:

  • Dual handlebars help make exercise more diversified hence giving you more options and working more muscles.
  • The iPad holder perfectly holds your device in place near you as you continue with your exercise.
  • The front flywheel model ensures that the machine provides more natural movements for better sessions and results.
  • A heavy-duty frame holds more weight and ensures that the machine holds tight while you pedal.
  • The display panel can track your fitness data such as speed, time, calories burned, distance, and heart-rate.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine

How well you exercise also matters. It contributes to the amount of success you can get from each workout session or in the long run. Likewise, it also determines how much you will enjoy yourself on the machine. For that reason, it is wise to get yourself an elliptical as good as this one by Sunny Health & Fitness.

The SF-E905 Elliptical Machine is one of the best exercise machines for apartments any man or woman would long for. Therefore, you will enjoy yourself and achieve more and fast with this machine. Sounds like a dream elliptical, right? Right. Because that is what it is.

The machine is compact, which makes it ideal for people who would like to achieve incredible workout. Furthermore, it takes little space so that you do not have to get out of your small apartment to go to exercise elsewhere. With a weight capacity of 220 pounds, it can accommodate most people.

Sunny Health Features:

  • Onboard stabilizer to level your bike so that you achieve smooth and evenly distributed movements.
  • The compact design makes this elliptical ideal for those who would want nothing but an incredible workout.
  • Digital monitor conveniently displays the right information, including pulse rate and a heart condition.
  • Footpads and anti-slip handlebars provide safe and stable exercise sessions and maximize comfort.
  • Eight different levels of magnetic resistance are easy to adjust to help diversify your workout.

5. SNODE Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

SNODE Magnetic Elliptical TrainerThis is a contemporary elliptical and comes with a basketful of beneficial features that enhances workouts. This is the kind that would make you want to work out even when you are not in the mood. It is gorgeous and works on the muscles more gently than many machines I know.

It presents eight magnetic resistance levels to help you have a more challenging session, which makes this elliptical good for cardio. You cannot miss the superiority of this machine even at first sight. The digital monitor is stunning, availing all the important data to your exercise and displaying them to you promptly.

You will be impressed by how smooth and quietly this machine operates. This helps create an environment where weight can be lost, and good shape restores. Perhaps that is why it is the best elliptical workouts for weight loss.

SNODE Magnetic Features:

  • The magnetic control system provides users with a smooth and quiet environment while exercising.
  • 8-level magnetic resistance is adjustable and provides various challenges to help you exercise to your limit.
  • Large foot pedals provide ample stepping space for all foot sizes and have ridges to prevent slipping.
  • Heavy duty with a cross crank to increase stability, durability, and ensures that it can stay in tight spaces.
  • Transportation wheels are strategically positioned to aid movement, hence very portable.

Why Elliptical Is Better Than a Treadmill?

The most obvious reason is that the elliptical provides the best full-body workout. Most of these trainers combine arm and leg motion. The handlebars ensure that you pull and push against resistance, hence receiving a full-body exercise in the process.

With the best elliptical for an apartment, your arms will be moving enough for it to strengthen the upper part of your body. The parts that will benefit include triceps, shoulder, upper back, and chest. The glute, hamstrings, and calves will also be worked out.

Similarly, elliptical is a low-impact exercise and puts less stress on the joints than high impact exercise like a treadmill. Therefore, the elliptical is a safer exercise option than the treadmill. It is even better for people with certain health conditions, for instance, musculoskeletal. These include low-back pain, hip or knee pain, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes some frequently asked questions and answers on the elliptical for apartments.

Can you have an elliptical in an apartment?

Yes, you can have it if it is the right one for tight spaces. Many models qualify to be installed in apartments, no matter how limited space is.

Are ellipticals good for losing belly fat?

Not so much, but yes. Since it engages all both upper, lower, and core body muscles, it is surely an all-body workout method that would help you lose belly fat.

Is elliptical as good as running?

Yes, it is as good as running and even better in certain areas. Running may be more strenuous, but elliptical still matches it eventually and is safer too.

Are ellipticals noisy?

Some are noisy, but most of the new models are created with better technology focused on making them as quiet as possible. For that reason, there are plenty of very quiet models out there that you can depend on to give you a more comfortable and peaceful exercise.

How many times a week should you use an elliptical?

You can use it for thirty minutes a day, five days a week. That would be enough for an average adult. If you have health conditions, you can start with little.

Final Verdict

You can achieve so much from working out with an elliptical alone. That is why you should be extra keen on the best elliptical for apartment you choose.  You need the best that you can get within your budget, and we recommend the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine.  Also, you need to consider how well the machine will fit into the space that is available. Apartments are known to have less space than normal homes.

Remember to eat healthy food while you exercise. Even when weight loss is your goal, an excellently chosen diet always works best with proper workout programs. The two are vital to the goals. Therefore, plan well for both and you will see changes within a short period.

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