How to Activate Proform Treadmill?

“Your smart treadmill is currently locked” you have probably seen this poster on your brand new Proform Treadmill. I assume you are here to know How to Activate Proform Treadmill after seeing this notice. Am I right? Well, Proform Treadmill needs to activate by going on or you can start it manually. To activate Proform Treadmill by going on, you need to register on your purchase, and then you will get an activation code. After that, you need to activate this code with a new or existing account.

If you are still ambiguous about the activation process, stay with us. Here in this article, we will guide you in both processes. After going through this article you will know why it is required to activate the Proform Treadmill and its advantages.

Do I Have to Activate My Proform Treadmill?

Proform Treadmill is produced by World-best Gym-Equipment Manufacturer ICON Health and Fitness. Compared with other treadmill brands, Proform comes with good performance and height durability. To get all the modern features of the Proform Treadmill you need to activate it. Depending on various models it comes with the facility of accessing 40 built-in programs. In addition, all the Proform models are iFit coach compatible. It works with Google to give you the facility of interactive virtual workouts. If you activate it with iFit your incline and resistance will adjust with the elevation of elements to any certain geography.

Do I Have to Activate My Proform Treadmill?

This professional training machine is loaded with various training like target incline, calorie burn, high intensity, mixed workout, and speed.  Whenever you turn on your Proform Treadmill the screen will prompt you to sign on iFit. However, you will find an inclination system both in sign-up and manual mode. You will get the same facilities that are found on the treadmill for Bad Knees. Because at least 3% inclination is needed for the people who have a problem with their knees. Whenever you have an iFit subscription you will get all those incredible features and unlimited access.

How to Activate Proform Treadmill

When you purchase any Proform Fitness Machine you will get a one-year iFit subscription for free. You need to request for the code, you require to activate this subscription first. In this section, we will tell you How to Activate Proform Treadmill. Remember installing iFit requires three major steps. Around these three steps, you will be able to start the iFit subscription instantly.

How to Activate Proform Treadmill

Step 1- Register In Ifit For Your Purchase

  • Go to ICON Supportive Website before 28 days from purchasing date.
  • Fill the requested information on the registration form.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see “Submit Your Product Registration” clink on that to send the form.

Step 2- Activation Code Receiving

When you send the registration form, you will get an email from the ICON team along with an activation code. Keep storing this code.

  • In case you have an iFit account. Follow Step 3.1
  • In case you have not an IfIT account. Follow Step 3.2

Step 3.1- Activate The Code With The Current Account

Activate The Code With The Current Account

  • Do you have an iFit account? Go on and log in with your information.
  • Click on the top right of your account and choose “setting” then you will see your account information.
  • Select “Billing” from the menu and you will see an overview of your payment details.
  • On “Promo/Activation Code”- enter the activation code that you have received from the icon team.
  • Select “Redeem” Then iFit subscription will activate on your account.

Step 3.2- Code Activation With A New Account

  • You don’t have an iFit account yet? Go on and at the top of the page, you will see a “sign-up”, click on that.
  • Select “Have an activation code or Promo code?” at the bottom of the page.
  • Put the activation code that you have received from the icon and click on “redeem”
  • After successful activation, put your name, email, and password in order to create an account.
  • Go into your address and payment details.
  • Then by confirming your details, an iFit subscription will activate on your account.

Advantage of Activate Proform Treadmill

Proform Treadmill is considered a 21st-century treadmill for its numerous modern features. You can use it on manual mode with build it workout routine and you can also use it by activation. After activation, you can consult with iFit Coach. It will bypass you from boring routines of fitness and it will guide you to achieve a target goal. After Activate the Proform Treadmill you can access in iFit Coach workout creation, tracking, and community of iFit online. Here iFit Coach is the latest version of iFit Live. Here below, we have listed some of the benefits of Proform Treadmill Activation.

Advantage of Activate Proform Treadmill

  • Time and distance workout
  • Google maps workouts plan
  • Video workouts.
  • Give your fit score
  • Log weight and sleep

The iFit coach comes with an application. You are allowed to use this application on your phone. And also this application works with your fitness machine, Bluetooth mobile device, laptop, and desktop computers. After being an iFit member you can access their ever-growing library. These exercise video series boost up one’s regular activities.


Proform is one of the popular home exercise equipment in the United States. If you compare Proform Treadmill with its compatible brands then you will find it has come with a lot of modern facilities. After activating the Proform Coach by purchasing a membership you can access all those facilities. We hope to know How to Activate Proform Treadmill. You can easily enter the iFit Coach world.

After successfully achieving the membership of iFit, if you face any trouble you can contact the iFit call center. They will provide you with a caring service about any matter.

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