How Long Do Treadmills Last?

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Treadmills are great indoor exercise equipment that provides a convenient workout without leaving home. A home treadmill is a great investment for those who don’t want to go outside to run or can’t get to the gym. However, treadmills are expensive workout equipment, so everyone wants them to last as long as possible. But the question is, how long do treadmills last? As it arrives with a bigger price tag, so it is essential to know.

As every piece of equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure longevity, it is no exception. Overall performance and effectiveness depend on how often you spend time to maintain your treadmill. Whereas treadmills are built for longevity, you should take proper care if you want your treadmills’ best values. Let’s go through to learn.

How Long Do Treadmills Last?

Treadmills offer a safe and comfortable workout that can keep you fit and stay in good shape. The treadmill’s simple design and easy operation make it an ideal workout solution for almost every house. But when you’re thinking about how long do treadmills last? It is associated with many factors. You will also find treadmills for seniors. Let’s start digging about the topics of how long it lasts for now.

How Long Do Treadmills Last

First of all, Retailers tell us that treadmills’ usual lifespan is 7 to 12 years, with 10 years on average. Yes, proper maintenance and careful use of some Treadmills considerably exceed the average lifespan. If you use a treadmill without proper care, the expensive ones could spoil in a few years. We usually use a treadmill in open space, and it tends to be dusty soon.

Dust is the primary enemy of treadmills, and your motor, rollers, belts can get stuck because of dust. You can easily eliminate dust, take a dry cloth, and wipe out specks of dust between the tread belt and deck. Also, try to keep the floor clean and free of dust where you use a treadmill.

What Should Consider Before Buying A Treadmill?

If you decided to get a treadmill or want to know what makes a treadmill long-lasting, check out this section. Longevity and comfort are related to many factors, so it is vital to know what should look into a treadmill.


Stability is the most important aspect of treadmills to ensure safety during workouts. A treadmill offers diverse workouts; all of them are high-impactful.  So if the deck of the treadmill rattle or shakes during the workout, it can potentially risk for the user. Overall structure should remain stable during exercising, even if you’re doing an intensive workout.

Belt Size:

A treadmill’s smoothness and comfort are related to its belt size and quality. For average users, the tread-belt dimensions should be leastwise 48” long and 18” wide. However, your height is over 6-feet in-height, you should get a treadmill with at least 55” or above tread belts. If you’re looking treadmills for seniors, you should get a treadmill with increased cushioning to prevent injuries during workouts.

What Should Consider Before Buying A Treadmill?

Horse Power:

The next thing to think about a treadmill is more power; the more horsepower(HP), the faster you’ll run. You should decide your workout goal to get a proper HP motor that will help you achieve the goal. If you choose 2.0HP to 2.5HP, it will work enough for a variety of exercises. In addition, as you go for much horsepower, your cost will definitely increase.

Speed And Incline:

Much speed and adjustable incline allow users to burn more calories in a short time. The average treadmill comes with five to seven mph speed. If you use higher speed, your workout effectiveness will increase moderately.

Likewise, you want to experience different terrain workouts on your treadmill should have multi-level inclines. Higher speed and incline helps to shorten workout time. Further, the treadmill comes with an automatic and manual incline setting. It is up to you which one you should get as it is associated with total expense. 

Other Features:

Apart from this, a treadmill comes with many additional features to add conveniences; you should consider them carefully. First of all, an LCD display with pre-programs. It allows the user to monitor the user’s workout speed, distance, calories burned, etc. Also, preprograms workouts can help you to get better exercise results according to your goal.

Additionally, the treadmill has a built-in heart rate sensor to show your real-time heart rate on display. Also, many treadmills have an integrated sound system and a device holder. If you want to be entertained during exercise, it would be best if you choose a treadmill with these features.

When Should I Replace My Treadmill?

It is hard to say when I should replace a treadmill, but an old treadmill could be risky. However, a worn-out treadmill can break down anytime while you are using it. Several indicators could assist you in recognizing when it is time to replace your treadmill.

When Should I Replace My Treadmill

  • Treadmills frames can be damaged or lost smoothness over time. It could cause losing stability if you see your treadmills frame become shaky; you should replace it asap to prevent accidents.
  • If your treadmill is used continuously for seven or more years, it could be too worn to function smoothly. So to retain the workout effectiveness, you should throw it out and get a new one.
  • Continuous uses can damage electronic parts and motors. If your treadmill is beyond the warranty period, it’s time to replace and will be safer than repairing it.
  • Usually, the treadmill’s motor produces very little sound while running. If your treadmill motor makes a high-pitched or irregular sound, you should stop using it until fixed.
  • Lastly, if your treadmills control-panel doesn’t respond well and facing difficulties to control, we recommend you to stop using it. Your machine’s internal electric connection could electrocute you or cause other accidents.


Aside from getting expensive treadmills, it is more important to maintain a treadmill regularly. Above, we discussed how long do treadmills last? Your treadmills lifespan depends on how often and carefully it is used. Though, your safety matters, and regular maintenance of your treadmill can increase it impressively. Additionally, everyone should go for well-known and reliable branded treadmills to get better performance and comfort.

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