How to Burn 1000 Calories on the Treadmill?

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There are hundreds of physical activities available to burn calories. Among them, burning calories on the treadmill is the most effective and efficient. Running or walking on a treadmill will give you effective cardio exercise. It not only elevates your heart rate but also boosts your other exercise levels such as weight training to burn calories.

However, burning calories on a treadmill depends on many factors like age, body weight, speed, exercise intensity, and efficiency. Understanding all those factors is needed if you have a goal such as burning 1000 calories in a day. In this article, we have a guideline on How to Burn 1000 Calories on the Treadmill. Keep following us till the end to know the science of burning calories.

What Is the Science Behind Burning Calories?

Burning calories is the basic function of our body. Every day we burn calories when we do exercise, move around and do our daily tasks. Even when we are at rest, to perform basic functions like breathing, circulating blood, and the cell process our body burns calories. Moreover, our body uses three fat-burning outlets: metabolism, thermogenesis, and exercise. Metabolism and thermogenesis is an internal function and that’s why it’s out of our reach. Besides, the third one, exercise is in our hands, we can concentrate on it to burn calories.

What Is the Science Behind Burning Calories?

Metabolism is a mechanism that retreats food into energy. In this process, the food and beverage we take are combined with oxygen to liberate the energy on our body that needs to function. However, there are two factors that determine our Basal Metabolic Rate. Thermogenesis or food processing and physical activity. Here the amount of food we take converts into energy by depending on our metabolism system and is measured in calories.

As we said earlier, the amount of calories depends on many factors therefore the more vigorously we do physical activity, the more calories we can burn. For instance, fast walking burns more calories than moderate walking. Our body keeps us alive by balancing energy and calories. By eating food we store energy in our body and the important part of a healthy body is to use this energy in a systematic plan. Suppose, for a tall person who aims to lose weight and burn calories it is suggested to try Treadmill for Tall Runners to burn calories per day.

How to Burn 1000 Calories on the Treadmill

Calories are nothing but amplitude of energy. Actually, this is not a tough job to burn calories if we follow some technique. By building the endurance level, vary the incline, changing directions, by interval training anyone can burn a huge amount of calories. In spite of anyone having a goal to burning calories on a treadmill, they need a workout plan and need to keep concerned about some factors. In general, if anyone walking on a treadmill for 60 minutes at a moderate speed he can burn 1000 calories. Many people also said 5.5 to 8.5 miles running can also burn 1000 calories.

How to Burn 1000 Calories on the Treadmill

Do you think why this variation? Actually, the cause for the variation in weight, lighter people need to run further so as to burn the exact number of calories like a heavier person. Here the speed you ran is played a role. The faster you run, the less time is required to hit the 1000k mark. Here your weight, the speed of running, the distance which you run on the treadmill, and the gradient works as factors. To make this information more understandable most people use the Treadmill Calorie Calculator.

According to American Council on Exercise, if a person’s weight is 180 pounds, he can burn 1000 calories in 6 hours if he walks at a slow pace of 2mph. At a medium pace, he can burn the same amount of calories in 2.5 hours. Besides, if he is run at 7mph he can successfully burn 1000 calories in one hour. So it is clear that the faster you will run the faster you can achieve your goal. On a treadmill, you also have the advantages of changing inclinations. In addition, by increasing the inclination you can burn more calories than running on a plane.

How to Burn 1000 Calories on the Treadmill

Is it Dangerous to Burn 1000 Calories a Day on a Treadmill?

Running on a treadmill is always dangerous. Besides, it’s not the only solution to burn 1000 calories for weight loss. You need to be concerned about your sleep pattern as well. Being well hydrated is also a fact otherwise it may cause weakness. If your goal is to burn 100 calories in a day you must sleep for 8 hours. For losing weight staying well-rested and waking up fresh is important.

Although you need a lot of things to ensure your security during running on a treadmill. A Pair of Treadmill Running Shoes will give you flexibility during your running period. Considering the goal according to body conditions is the first and foremost condition to reduce the dangerousness. Also, you need to understand how your body uses calories before thinking about an exercise regimen.

Is it Dangerous to Burn 1000 Calories a Day on a Treadmill?

There is a thing that you need to consider while setting your goal. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, one person’s calorie intake should never be below certain minimum amounts. They advise an average woman should consume 12000 calories and an average age’s men should consume 1800 calories per day. When your calorie intake goes below these levels your body will run on survival mode. It will slow your metabolism and will make it hard to lose weight.


Choosing a treadmill workout to burn calories is an effective option. This best cardio exercise machine is fit in any place and requires only a small place to keep in your house. When you start a workout on the treadmill to burn calories a proper workout plan is mandatory. Without following such a workout plan you will only risk your health.

We hope by going through this article you have found your idea on How to Burn 1000 Calories on the Treadmill. By concerning the factors for burning calories on treadmill workout you will achieve your weight loss plan easily. If you have any further queries about the treadmill workout plan don’t forget to comment below.

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