How To Choose An Elliptical Machine For Your Exercise

Elliptical machines help you to enjoy running with low impact exercise. The great thing about this machine is they come in different models and price ranges to adjust in both fitness level and budget. As there are different types of models in the market, picking the right machine is a challenging one. So how to choose an elliptical? Spend some time researching and investing in the right machine that meets your criteria. To make the research easier, here, I have outlined some factors to consider while picking up the right workout machine.

how to choose an elliptical

Types Of Elliptical Machines

Before choosing the elliptical machine for your home or office, you have to know about the types of elliptical machines. Because different machines offer different workout positions, but the efficiency is the same. The types are:

Front drive elliptical machine:

The front-drive machine offers workout the same as climbing the stairs. The flywheel in this machine is located in the front and the roller at the back of the machine. The pedals come in the slide design and offer a vertical motion.

Rear drive elliptical machine:

In this machine, the flywheel is located at the back of the machine. For this position, the workout experience gets smooth and stable. The stride gets long and balanced. You will have a stress free workout experience with this elliptical machine.

Center drive elliptical machine:

The flywheel of this machine is located on the side of the pedals. The motion range of this machine is vertical and offers the same movement as climbing the stair. You can stay in an upright position in this machine while working out. For the compact design, it is a popular home gym machine in every workout lover’s home.

Standard elliptical machine:

This machine is the common one among all the types. The flywheel can be placed in any position like the other machines. Cardiovascular and lower body workout is easy with this machine. The best thing is it offers an intense impact workout for them who have joint problems.

Cross trainer elliptical machine:

This elliptical machine comes in the combined design of a stationary bike and a standard elliptical machine. You can do all the workouts in a reclined position. The handlebars and foot pedal are placed in a position that allows the user to use them in a sitting position. Though it seems to provide a relaxed workout session, the fact is it offers a full-body workout experience like any other elliptical machines.

Elliptical glider machine:

If you want a simple and low impact elliptical machine, then this one is perfect to use. There is no flywheel in this machine, and the pedals are operated by the swinging glider. The pedals offer fixed and balanced footwork while reducing the pain on the joints. It is a good home gym that doesn’t take huge space to use.

How To Choose An Elliptical

It is not an easy thing to pick the right elliptical trainer from all the types because you have to understand certain things and whether the machine offers a stable and comfortable workout experience or not. So before picking the machine randomly, do consider the points that are given below:

How To Choose An Elliptical

The weight of the flywheel:

When you are purchasing the elliptical machine, check the weight of the flywheel. Because it will provide a comfortable, quality, and smooth pedaling. A light flywheel will offer a jerking pedaling. You can reach the maximum speed by pedaling with effort. And this pedaling effort gets high if the flywheel weight comes in 13 to 21 kg weight. It will not stop immediately if you stop pedaling, and the workout ends with a better sensation.

The length of the stride:

In the elliptical machine, stride length is important because it allows sufficient leg movement while working out. The stride length has to be 40 cm, or else the leg movement will stay limited and not comfortable. This length depends on the size of the elliptical machine. Pick the right size with enough stride length.

Magnetic or electrical resistance:

With the automated resistance, you have to turn the wheel to increase the pedaling effort, whereas the magnetic resistance allows the modify from the console of the machine. The magnetic resistance is getting popular as the workout routines get comfortable and allow an intense workout with an automatic level changing option.

Watt levels:

The watts measure the pedaling speed and the resistance level. The maximum wattage offers maximum resistance. The watt level can also measure the quality of the machine.

Front or back wheel elliptical trainer:

The maximum elliptical trainer comes with the back wheel. The professional trainer machine comes with a front-drive or rear drive wheel. The position of the wheel, pedal height, and stride length help to define the elliptical machine movement.

Safety features:

To make your exercise safe, pick the machine that has a warm-up and cool down timings. Look for the machine that has handrails to get a balanced and easy to control console to track your workout sessions.

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Benefits Of Elliptical Machines

The elliptical machine is the most used exercise machine in the home and gym. You will enjoy a low impact workout by using our full body. It offers a good aerobic workout and helps to shed a good amount of calories. If you are new with this machine, then know the benefits of this machine:

  • The elliptical machine reduces muscle stress with the elliptical motion.
  • Losing weight gets easy with this machine as in 30 minutes, you can burn 150-400 calories.
  • With the pedaling action, the leg muscle, hamstrings, glutes, and calves get strong.
  • Your heart rate gets regular, and the health of the heart gets improved for this machine.
  • Balance and mobility get improved to avoid injuries or fall.

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Final Thoughts

Elliptical machines offer low impact workout with effective results. You can take this machine in your home to make your workout more efficient and effective. As there are different types of elliptical machines in the market, you have to know how to choose an elliptical machine to enjoy the most benefits for your body.

Staying active is required to enjoy sound health. If going to the gym is not possible for you, then try to take a right elliptical machine in the home to stay active. This will help you to lead a healthy lifestyle for long years.

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