Treadmill Vs Walking: Which is Better For Your Knees?

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In the list of exercises, walking is one of the tops because of its high effectiveness with less effort. Anybody from any age can do this exercise effectively without any trouble. 

There are different ways to do this exercise, you can walk on a treadmill, and you can walk outside. Now the confusion arises when you are about to differentiate between treadmill vs walking. Read the following article & remove all of your confusion about the treadmill and walking. 

Treadmill Vs Walking: What is the Difference?

The secret behind leading a healthy life is doing exercise regularly. When you can do regular exercise, you can keep yourself free from all kinds of chronic health conditions, such as heart disease & obesity. Walking is one of the most effective & easiest exercises that people love to do.


For walking, you can go outside or use your treadmill inside. Both give you almost the same benefits to achieve your goal. Now you might be thinking that if both do the same job, then what is the difference between treadmill vs walking

Though they both have the same goal, then again, there is some clear difference in the way of their activity. Please read the below section to know some differences between them.


Exercise is a daily activity if you want to stay fit, you have to do exercise regularly. But walking outside is quite severe during bad weather conditions, like snow, raining and hot or cold weather. On the other hand, a treadmill is an indoor activity; it doesn’t matter how the weather is; you can always do exercise without any problem.

So if you live in an area where the weather remains bad most of the time, and you feel unsafe outside, then doing your walking exercise on a treadmill is one of the best options.


When you walk on the outside, you don’t have much control over the surface you walk on. That means when you walk outside, you have less control over your cardio workout. You can’t increase the level of difficulties as you can do on the treadmill. 

But when you walk or run on the treadmill, you have full control over your treadmill. Anytime you can increase the level of difficulties and intensity by pushing a button. You have full control over your treadmill. For example, you can set the command on your treadmill to burn the exact amount of calories that you want to burn. 


Walking on the outside and walking on a treadmill both offers you individual refreshment. When you walk on the outside, you can watch different scenarios, meet with different people, and you can enjoy the fresh air. 

On the other hand, while walking on the treadmill, you can watch movies or tv shows on your television, listen to music, and do a lot more home activity. 


Safety is the first and foremost thing that we should be concerned about before doing any exercise. When you walk on the outside, you have to consider some facts & situations like the sidewalks of your neighborhood, traffic on the road, dogs that occupy your path, etc. 

But when you walk on the treadmill, you are safer than walking on the outside. You don’t have to think about other factors that you have to think about while walking on the outside.  

Benefits of Treadmill

The treadmill is one of the best exercise equipment.  You can enjoy numerous health benefits with a treadmill. Follow the below section to know the benefits of a treadmill.

Benefits of Treadmill

  • If you have a treadmill, then you can enjoy a variety of options. You can customize your workout plan. 
  • The surface of the treadmill is better than outside; you can enjoy more comfort and less strain.
  • The continuous use of a treadmill helps you to burn calories and fat, and ultimately it helps you to get a better body tone. 
  • On a treadmill, you can pre-program the workout plan that helps you to achieve your fitness goal. 
  • As a treadmill is an indoor exercise tool, you don’t have to think about the weather condition like the outdoor walk. 
  • While walking on a treadmill, you can watch movies, music, etc.

Disadvantages of Treadmill

There is some downside of a treadmill that you may face with a treadmill. Read the below section to know some disadvantages of the treadmill. 

  • A treadmill is a piece of expensive equipment; the good quality models are priced over 2000$.
  • Because of its computerized program and motors, you will need professional help to maintain it.
  • It offers limited exercise like walking and running & because of its less diversity, some people feel bored with it after a period of time. 

Benefits of Walking

Walking is the most efficient and easiest exercise. You can enjoy numerous health-benefits by walking. Read the following section to know some benefits of walking.

  • Walking helps you to burn calories and fat that helps you to lose overweight & lead a healthy life. 
  • Daily walking improves your heart condition; it helps to strengthen your heart and prevent yourself from heart disease. 
  • It helps to lower your blood sugar. 
  • Walking relieves from joint-related pain.
  • It boosts your immunity system. 
  • Walking increases your energy level.
  • To improve your mood, walking is a great solution.
  • A perfect exercise to tone your legs.

Disadvantages of Walking

Compared to other exercises walking is the most convenient and easiest exercise. Read the b below section to know some disadvantages of walking.

  • Walking is a low-intensity workout, so the output is limited.
  • The amount of calories it can burn is lesser than other high-intensity workouts. 
  • Walking is a low-risk exercise, but it doesn’t mean there is no risk. 
  • Walking is unable to improve the upper part of your body.

Treadmill Vs Walking: Which Is Best?

Now you know what you can earn through walking on a treadmill or outside. What kind of benefits and disadvantages they offer. Both of them do the same job. It is quite a tough job to declare one as the best. Because in a different situation, sometimes a treadmill could be the best option and sometimes walking. 

Treadmill vs walking: Which is best

For example, in bad weather conditions, you can’t go outside for walking, but if you have a treadmill, you can do regular exercise in every weather condition. A treadmill allows you to control the level of intensity. On the other hand, walking doesn’t require any equipment; you don’t have to spend a lot of money. 

You can always take the fresh air, see a different scenario. So it is quite tough to declare one as best. Both of these ways, you can be benefited if you do the exercise with proper consistency. You only earn the best result from any exercise when you can do it with proper consistency regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here in this section, you will find some questions and answers that people frequently asked about treadmill & walking. 

Can you lose belly fat by walking on a treadmill?

Without any doubt, a treadmill is superbly effective for reducing belly fat. By walking on a treadmill, you can burn a lot of calories and fat.

How long should I walk on a treadmill to see results?

After a couple of weeks, when you get used to your treadmill, you should try to walk at least 60 minutes. To reduce different types of health risks, experts recommend walking 150-300 minutes per week.

Can I lose weight by walking 30 minutes every day?

Yes, you can. A 30 minutes walk burns almost 150-200 calories depending on your age, weight, gender.

Can you get a flat stomach from walking?

Yes, you can. But you have to maintain the regularity and consistency. You have to walk regularly to burn calories and consume fewer calories than you burn.

Final Thought

Most people get confused in making the decision which one is best in between treadmill vs walking. If you read this article completely, then you know the differences, benefits, and disadvantages of the treadmill and walking.

As we mentioned in the article and show the difference among them, it is quite tough to declare any of them as best. In some situations, a treadmill is the best, and in some situations, walking.

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