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According to the American Heart Association, a person needs a minimum of 145-150 minutes of exercise every week to stay fit. But we tend to live a life with a hectic schedule. A lot of us even don’t have time to visit the gym. If you want, you can choose to work out in your own home with privacy.

Ellipticals are great options for home workouts. It helps you work on your entire body. They require regular maintenance and cleaning. So, how to lubricate an elliptical?  Depending on the type of elliptical, the lubricant may vary, but the process remains the same. We’ll be discussing everything in detail.

What Can I Use To Lubricate An Elliptical

Lubricate an Elliptical

If you choose an elliptical for an apartment, you must be sure about maintaining it regularly. Maintenance can include tightening of loose parts, cleaning of tracks and wheels, etc.

Before you move on to lubricating, you must figure out the type of elliptical you use. You can classify different types of elliptical into two basic types as they require lubrication. They are mentioned below:

1. Ellipticals With Ramps and Wheels

Ellipticals With Ramps and Wheels

Lubricating these types of ellipticals is easy.  You may need to lubricate them every four to six months. Simply use liquid silicone to lubricate them. You must be sure to remove the dirt and dust before you lubricate the ramp. Avoid the usage of any caustic agent.

2. Ellipticals with Ramps and Wheels

Lubricating these types of ellipticals can be a bit complicated. In this very case, it is difficult to find the points that require lubrication. Some wheels that roll over aluminum or steel ramps can be lubricated using liquid silicone. Never break the seal of bearings in order to lubricate them. You will just end up ruining them. However, cheap ellipticals may come with unsealed bearings. You can lubricate them. This may increase their lifetime. Once you have determined the type of elliptical you own, you can move on to lubricate it.

Here is a list of things you can use to lubricate the elliptical:

Stick With the Manufacturer Choice:

Every elliptical has a particular model. When you purchase the elliptical, the manufacturer should provide you with a lube approved for that specific model. If you run out of it, try contacting the manufacturer to check if you can order it correctly. You can also check the manual. It may also recommend the type of lube you may need.

Use Typical Elliptical Lubricants:

Many elliptical machines may use white lithium grease or red-lithium ball-bearing grease. These types of lubricants are available at automotive stores, fitness equipment stores, or elliptical manufacturers. You may also choose to contact the manufacturer to determine the best type of lube for your elliptical.

Stay Away from Home Options:

Try avoiding using household greases, oils, and other lubricants that are present at your home. Not all greases are made to lubricate your elliptical. Using those may cause damage to the plastic in the elliptical machine. Moreover, oil can take away the grease that is currently on the elliptical, this can prevent the elliptical from moving properly, and that may cause damage.

Lubrication Schedule:

Lubrication Schedule

You will not require to purchase lubricants regularly. If you use the elliptical daily, you may need to lubricate once or twice a year. Maintaining the elliptical is a necessity when you think of using it for a long time. Gym Tech suggests cleaning your elliptical at least twice a year. You may need to check your warranty to see if lubricating can void it. In this case, you may need to call a technician in order to perform the lubrication.

How To Lubricate An Elliptical (Step By Step)

When you want your elliptical to last, keeping the moving parts lubricated with the proper lubricant is important. Most elliptical requires lubricating every six months or more than that if the elliptical releases any squeaking sound.  Here are a few steps you can follow to lubricate the elliptical:

Step 1: First things first, determine the lubricant ideal for your elliptical. You can call the manufacturer for the recommendation of lubricant.

Step 2: The grease fittings on your elliptical may require white Lithium grease.

Step 3:The joints require red-lithium ball-bearing grease.

Step 4: You may use the same lubricant, or a 3-in-1 household lubricant will work just fine for the rails.

Step 5: Lubricate the rails by using a small dollop of the recommended lubricant.

Step 6: Use a soft cloth and then run it along with the rag.

Step 7: Use the elliptical as you usually do. This will help the lubricant transfer into the wheels and especially into the places where the cloth will not get access properly.

Step 8: Locate the bearings.

Step 9: You may locate them near the flywheel.

Step 10: Inject some grease into them using a grease gun.

Step 11: Try to blow out any dust using a can of compressed air.

Step 12: Then locate the elevation screw.

Step 13: You may locate them in the plastic front housing.

Step 14: Once you have located it, apply lubricant to it.

Step 15:  Use an appropriate screwdriver to remove the housing frontal before you gain access to the elevation screw.

Final Words

There is no substitution for working out if you plan on living a healthy life. You can choose ellipticals for your apartment. Now, let’s wrap things up. By this point, you must know everything about how to lubricate an elliptical. Before you lubricate your elliptical, be sure to read the manual.

Be careful and maintain the safety features that are required. If you want your Elliptical to have a sustainable life, then there’s no other option than maintaining it properly. They need more maintenance when you use them regularly. So, be sure to take care of the things that you use.

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