How Many Calories Does Rowing Machine Burn? [2021]

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Obesity is a global problem that leads to several fatal diseases in our body. If we consume many calories and burn less, our body fat starts increasing, making our body obese. At this time, rowing machines are a perfect solution that could effectively reduce body weight by expending more calories in a short time. In this article, our focus is on how many calories does rowing machine burn? I hope you will enjoy it.

If you are wondering what a rowing machine can? This portable indoor workout equipment can increase stamina, shed body fat, and increase muscle strength. It is a fitness game changer machine that can develop our upper and lower body parts without putting much stress on our achy joints or knees. So let’s begin.

How Many Calories Does Rowing Machine Burn?

Burning calories using an exercise machine depends on many factors. It is not easy to say because the number of calories burns vary based on effort and person. Several circumstances also play an important role in calorie burn using the top rowing machine. First of all, both time and intensity derive how effectively you’ll burn calories on a rowing machine. Much time on workout means more calories burned, and as much intensive, you go as effectively you can burn.

How Many Calories Does Rowing Machine Burn?

Still not clear how many calories does rowing machine burn? Don’t worry. As a general guideline, the approx number of calories can burn anyone, based on workout time, body weight, and intensity. Remember that these are not a hundred percent accurate numbers. As our age, metabolic rate, body condition, and workout environment are also important to know the precise amount of calorie burn.

Body Weight Light (15 min/1 hr) Moderate (15 min/1 hr) Vigorous (15 min/1 hr)
135 lb (61 kg) 53/214 kcal 107/427 kcal 130/519 kcal
145 lb (66 kg) 58/231 kcal 116/462 kcal 140/561 kcal
155 lb (70 kg) 61/245 kcal 122/490 kcal 149/595 kcal
165 lb (75 kg) 66/263 kcal 131/525 kcal 159/638 kcal
175 lb (79 kg) 70/280 kcal 140/560 kcal 170/680 kcal
185 lb (84 kg) 74/294 kcal 147/588 kcal 179/714 kcal
195 lb (88 kg) 78/312 kcal 156/623 kcal 189/757 kcal
205 lb (93 kg) 81/326 kcal 163/651 kcal 198/791 kcal
215 lb (98 kg) 86/343 kcal 172/686 kcal 208/833 kcal
225 lb (102 kg) 89/357 kcal 179/714 kcal 217/867 kcal

How Do Rowing Machines Work?

The rowing machine has 4 phases from start to end. At starting, you should maintain proper position, transition. Maintaining every phase is important because without following proper steps, your workout won’t be effective as it should be. Remember to secure the straps and get a comfortable position before starting. Importantly, improper position and form could lead to injuries, so read carefully.

How Do Rowing Machines Work?

The Catch:

It is the first and essential phase of starting the rowing movement. Start with proper set-up in front of the rowing machine. Sit comfortably, keep your arms straight back upright. Your shins should be in vertical position, knees and ankles flexed.

Relax your shoulder and keep your torso at leaning forward position; it should be   1 o’clock position with shoulders. If you maintain such positions, you’ll be able to create a powerful push-off from the rowing machine.

The Drive:

Keeping your forward torso tilt, start pushing your legs to the rowing machine by extending your legs. Go on with pushing and begin to hinge backward. This process should be smooth and uninterrupted movement.

The Finish:

If your legs are fully enlarged, and the torso remains at an 11 o’clock position, now time to use your arms. Began applying your arm to draw the handle to the base of your chest. Make sure your core muscle gagged properly and stays tight.

The Recovery:

Now, do the drive movement in reverse motion. Relax your arms away from the torso. This phase should be less fast than the drive phase. It will allow your muscle to recover faster and give time to make another strong push. You should keep your legs straight as long as possible to enhance the success rate. It could be hard at; first, it will be easier if you do it continuously.

Benefits of a Rowing Machine

The Rowing machine can increase body stamina and offer a reliable cardiovascular exercise. Using a rowing machine can strengthen large muscle groups of our body. Take a look at some impressive benefits of rowing.

Benefits of a Rowing Machine

  • The rowing machine offers an effective full-body workout that increases oxygen and blood circulation in our body.
  • A rowing machine is a low-impact exercise machine; it puts less stress and staring joints and knees while exercising.
  • It is a great way to lose weight, burn calories, and get an attractive thigh shape.
  • Gentle rowing provides upper,lower-body exercise and has positive effects on the back and shoulders.
  • It is better and comfortable than any other workout machine; its simple workout method doesn’t associate with any risks of injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now I will clarify some quotations; if you have any confusion about rowing machines, take a look at below:

Is a rowing machine good for losing weight?

A rowing machine is definitely an excellent tool for weight loss that can burn 800 calories per hour.

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

Yes, regular rowing could burn belly fat as well as strengthen our body muscles.

How long should you use a rowing machine to lose weight?

It depends on your workout goal. But regular 30 minutes rowing can moderately reduce body fat and provide an attractive body shape.

Final Words

Finally, burning calories not only lose body weight but also prevents the risks of many fatal diseases. If you are looking for an indoor solution for burning calories in a short time, a rower can help you. Now you know how many calories does rowing machine burn? This incredible machine is worldwide famous and allows lots of people to fulfill their fitness goals.  The rowing machine’s easy operation method and low impact workout make it very popular.

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