How Many Calories Does Elliptical Machine Burn?

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The elliptical is an effective workout equipment that fits all forms of cardio for different fitness levels and person. This machine is highly effective and suitable for people who need low-impact workouts for rehabilitation. We all know that calorie burning is the most important aspect of losing extra weight and staying fit.

An elliptical machine designed to provide comfort and convenience during workouts. If you wonder how many calories does elliptical machine burn? Let’s start. Achieving the desired goal isn’t easy until you’re determined. Fortunately, an elliptical machine can cut-down belly fat to gain the desired hip, thigh shape. Also, it can strengthen lower body muscles without putting much stress on our joints or knees.

How to Burn More Calories on the Elliptical?

Surprisingly you can increase your calories burn as elliptical offers more control and preset programs. You can maintain several measures to enhance your calories burn. You can buy elliptical for small spaces and larger spaces according to your needs. Before starting, you should know that you don’t put much pressure on your body. First, try to understand your body condition and then apply the below methods if it seems you can handle them.

How to Burn More Calories on the Elliptical?

1. Increase Resistance

The elliptical machine comes with various levels of adjustable-resistance. If you wish to increase more calories in a short time, you should increase your resistance level moderately. The higher your resistance level, the muscle will burn more calories as they have to work harder. Additionally, you can target different muscle groups by increasing or decreasing resistance levels.

2. Switch Up Your Pace

Another effective way to increase calorie burn is to switch workout pace. You can alternate your workout pace by switching high-intensity to the low-intensity interval. In fact, the researcher found that high-intensity workouts become more effective if you maintain a gentle pace between intervals.

3. Use Pre-Set Workout Program

Most of the elliptical, including elliptical for small spaces, comes with various preset workout programs. Preset programs offer the user an outline of time, resistance level, and calorie burn. The manufacturer includes a different outline to pick the most suitable one to achieve their goals.

4. Don’t Forget About the Handlebars

You definitely know that an elliptical machine comes with handlebars to ensure safety. But it also accelerates the burn of more calories. But how? When you hold handlebars during a workout, it also engages the upper body. That’s how you can get upper and lower body workout at a time. If your legs get tired, you can use handlebars to get stress free upper body workout.

How Many Calories Does Elliptical Machine Burn?

Let’s answer how many calories does elliptical machine burn? Usually, an average person is able to burn roughly 350-450-calories-per-hour riding an elliptical machine. However, your estimate calculation could be more precise; follow the below equation:

How Many Calories Does Elliptical Machine Burn?

Calories = time * MET * 3.5 * weight / (200 * 60)


Time= Total time you spend on your elliptical machine (second)

Weight= Your weight in Kg.

MET= Full form of MET is Metabolic Equivalent of Task. MET is a factor that marks how much force an activity applies rather than to be at rest. It varies anywhere from 4.6 to 5.7 on an elliptical.

MET Calculation:

Activity type MET
Level of Resistance 2, mild effort 4.6
Level of Resistance 5, medium effort 4.9
Level of Resistance 8, high-handed effort 5.7

To get an accurate calorie burn calculator, just set the value as the formula says.

You can get an approximate calculation of how much calories burn while you are using the elliptical for 30 minutes. 

Weight (Kg) Duration workout            (Minutes) Number of calories you burn (Kcal)
50 30 190
60 30 230
70 30 270
80 30 300
90 30 340
100 30 765

Benefits of Using an Elliptical Machine

What makes elliptical so popular? Yes, it is an elliptical low-impact workout method and diversity of workout. Check out the below benefits to knowing what elliptical can actually do.

Benefits of Using an Elliptical Machine

  • An elliptical offers a full-body cardiovascular workout to boost stamina and our heart and lungs functions. Ellipticals workout process increases blood circulation and oxygen flow that helps to strengthen muscles.
  • Elliptical machines will be top the list If you’re looking for a sustainable solution for burning calories in minimal time. It can burn at least 270 to 400 calories in just 30 minutes.
  • Another impressive thing about the elliptical is it puts less stress on joints. That’s why young to senior people are able to use this equipment without any complications. Since feet never lift off the pedals, you don’t have to worry about achy joints or knee pain.
  • Where other workout machines are only designed for any specific body parts workout, elliptical provide a full-body workout. They can distribute weight and resistance equally to develop upper-body and lower-body parts. Additionally, the elliptical can target the quad, biceps, back, hamstrings, and core muscles.


Now you have the answer to how many calories does elliptical machine burn? It is not difficult to calculate the overall calories burned in each workout session. Besides, many ellipticals offer on display calorie burn amounts so that users don’t have to bother too much.

An elliptical is a low-impact workout machine that is gentle to our body sensitive parts such as knees, joints. Many people prefer it as their reliable component because of its risk-free workout method.

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