Best 3 Circuit Fitness Rowing Machine Reviews of 2021

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When it is too cold or hot outside, getting outside for gym and workout is a difficult and unwilling matter. In that case, having a rowing machine can make your life easier. You can burn quite a lot of calories by using a rowing machine. Also, it has a foldable design that will take less space despite its large frame.

When looking for a good rowing machine, you may consider Circuit Fitness. In the circuit fitness rowing machine reviews, we will review some good rowing machines with their goods and bads. By knowing all the important features, goods, and bads, you can easily make an excellent decision by picking the right one.

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CIRCUIT FITNESS Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine

CIRCUIT FITNESS Deluxe Magnetic Rowing Machine

CIRCUIT FITNESS Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine for Cardio

Top 3 Circuit Fitness Rowing Machine Review

Our experts have picked the top 3 machines from this brand since picking the best ones might be tough for you. With the help of circuit fitness rowing machine reviews from experts, you will find the best one easily. So keep reading the experts’ review of circuit fitness rowing machines.

Circuit Fitness Rowing Machine Reviews

1. CIRCUIT FITNESS Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine

When reading the circuit fitness rowing machine reviews, you will find this model for its versatility and useful features. It comes with an 11-lb flywheel paired with an advanced magnetic resistance system. Consequently, you will get a good pressure intensity for a challenging workout. Also, it offers multiple intensities to customize your program.

For adding comfort during the workout, it offers durable injection-molded seats. Also, you will have foam-covered handlebars to add more comfort to your hand. An LCD screen panel is there as well that will track your progress like speed, distance, calories burned, and others. As a consequence, you can see your progress and achieve your goal easily.

With its durable heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction, you can expect good longevity from it. Besides, its foldable design will capture less space in your room. Moreover, you will have wheels that allow you to move the machine without having to lift it. A slip-resistant design with adjustable foot straps provides additional comfort to you.


  • You will have an 11-lb flywheel and manual magnetic resistance system to provide you a maximum challenge.
  • It allows you to control the intensity of resistance to personalize your workout and take new challenges.
  • The durable injection-molded seat and foam-covered handlebars provide additional comfort during workouts.
  • You can check your progress and set a new target with its easy-to-use LCD screen panel.
  • Its durable heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction will deliver longevity and durability.
  • Powerful magnetic resistance
  • Intensity control
  • Comfortable design
  • No connected app

2. CIRCUIT FITNESS Deluxe Magnetic Rowing Machine

CIRCUIT FITNESS Deluxe Magnetic Rowing Machine

The next model of this circuit fitness brand offers comfort and intense workout to burn more calories. With its 20-lb flywheel, you can get superior resistance to get an intense workout for burning more calories. Also, you can customize the resistance for its 8 resistance setting to set a new challenge every day.

You will have 2-way bearing belt transmission that delivers smoother rowing. Apart from that, it features an LCD panel that will monitor all the progress you have to take on new challenges. An app is there that you can connect to see all these on your smartphone as well.

Moreover, it offers an ergonomically mold-injected seat that delivers additional comfort and safety. With its adjustable foot straps, you can achieve stability when working out. Since the machine is foldable, you can fold and place it anywhere in your room. Transportation wheels speed up the movement and eradicate the need for lifting.


  • The 20-lb flywheel along with a 2-way bearing belt offers high resistance yet smoother operation.
  • Its 8 resistance settings allow you to personalize your workout resistance for a better challenge.
  • You will have an LCD panel connected with an app that will show your progress for more benefits.
  • Its ergonomically mold-injected seat will provide additional comfort while working out.
  • You will have adjustable foot straps that will provide additional stability for more convenience.
  • Heavyweight flywheel
  • Smoother operation
  • Customized resistance
  • No media holder

3. CIRCUIT FITNESS Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine for Cardio

CIRCUIT FITNESS Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine for CardioWhen you need a good rowing machine for burning more calories or for cardio, you should consider this model. It comes with a 9-pound flywheel that offers magnetic resistance to ensure an intense workout. This will help you burn more calories. Also, its resistance adjustment allows you to control the resistance and make the workout personalized.

You will get a user-friendly LCD monitor where you can see information like time, distance, calorie count, and others. It will help you understand your fitness progress and set your goal accordingly. Moreover, its durable mold-injected seat will make your workout time more comfortable and safe. Without comfort, enjoying the workout is boring and painful.

To add more comfort and stability, you will get two slip-resistant pedals. Foot straps are accommodated as well to make them fit for people of all sizes. Its compact and foldable design will help you fit the machine anywhere in your room. Moreover, a media holder is there to place your smartphone and make your workout session more enjoyable.


  • You will get a decent magnetic resistance with intensity adjustment to ensure an intense workout.
  • Its user-friendly LCD monitor will show your progress and set your new goal every day.
  • The rowing machine offers a comfortable mold injected seat that will provide additional safety as well as comfort.
  • You can store the machine for its foldable design and move it smoothly with small wheels.
  • Its slip-resistant pedals and adjustable foot straps make it suitable for people of any size.
  • Good magnetic resistance
  • Progression record
  • Comfortable to use
  • Lower resistance

Why Should You Buy a Circuit Fitness Rowing Machine?

When thinking of buying anything, you must know what you can get from it. No difference is here when it comes to buying a rowing machine from circuit fitness. So let us discuss the benefits you can acquire from the circuit fitness rowing machine.

Why Should You Buy a Circuit Fitness Rowing Machine

  • The circuit fitness rowing machine offers a heavy flywheel that produces a decent magnetic resistance for more calorie burning.
  • It features intensity adjustment that will help you personalize your magnetic resistance for new challenges.
  • An LCD monitor will show your progress and let you challenge yourself to burn more calories.
  • Its durable construction and comfortable design will add stability, safety, and comfort simultaneously.
  • You can comfortably fold the machine to store and use the wheels for easy movement and more convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asking more questions is the most efficient way to learn more about something. Then why shouldn’t you ask a question when purchasing a rowing machine, right? So consider checking these most asked questions.

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

Rowing is highly effective when it comes to losing your belly fat along with burning more calories. Compared to running or walking, rowing plays a more vital role to shed belly fat.

Is it OK to row every day?

Doing anything excessive is not a good idea at all. You can row daily for 20-30 minutes just like you do running or cycling every day.

Can you get in shape by just rowing?

Well, rowing regularly can help you shed your belly fat, improve muscles, and achieve good health. By combining these three things, you can get in good shape quickly.

Which is better for losing weight on a treadmill or rowing machine?

A treadmill will let you burn more calories through intense running and tough incline. However, for weightless, a rowing machine will play a more vital role compared to a treadmill for its cardio exercise.

Is rowing better than running?

Rowing activates more muscles compared to running. In general, running seems better but when it comes to effectiveness for all body muscles, rowing can be better.

Final Verdict

The circuit fitness rowing machine reviews will help you know all the benefits of each machine. Also, you can know its features and some problems it has with the machines. By knowing all those, you can easily pick the best rowing machine that will fit your needs. Our experts have portrayed some most popular and useful rowing machines for you.

In our opinion, the Circuit Fitness Rowing Machine with an 11-lb flywheel will be a suitable option to use. It offers a manual magnetic resistance system and multiple intensities. Also, you will have injection-molded seats along with foam handlebars for added comfort. An LCD screen panel, durable heavy-duty steel, and aluminum construction, and foldable design make it even more suitable to pick.

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