Total Gym FIT Review 2021: Pros, Cons and Final Remarks

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Total Gym Fit is an industry leader equipment for its gravity gym technology. It uses the user’s body weight to deliver an effective and effortless workout. Besides, it comes with premium construction, custom resistance, and low-impact workout suitable for young to adult with maximum comfort. In this Total Gym FIT Review, you’ll be able to decide if it matches your fitness goals.

We’ve gone through all its impressive features and specifications before choosing it as a good home workout tool. If you need a home workout machine capable of replacing the commercial gym for you, this review might help. Let’s get inside the machine and explore theTotal gym fit as your next full-body workout machine.

Does the Total Gym Fit Really Work?

The most beneficial thing about this workout machine is that anyone can use this machine without any complexity. It has the perfect design to ensure comfort with a different body shape, height, age can use it as their workout goal. You have less chance of getting tired with the indifference due to its diversity of workouts possible. Definitely, it will work well to keep you fit and stay strong.

On the other hand, the Gym Fit is much ahead of any other regular indoor workout machine in measuring effectiveness. You’ll choose the workout that your body can handle, and it will effectively reduce the chances of injuries. Lastly, its unique design will provide full-body workouts where others are only designed for any specific parts of our body.

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Total Gym FIT Review In 2021

If you want to know why this equipment is gaining so much endorsement, read through this Total Gym FIT Review. Our expert team extensively researched every detail of this equipment to decide if it’s good enough to suggest to you.

Total Gym FIT Review

Total Gym FIT

The Total Gym Fit is the most advanced model in the gravity gym lineup. Its sturdy construction makes it durable, and has a long padded Glideboard to ensure utmost comfort. This machine has a foldable design that allows users to accommodate it in minimal space. Let’s discuss the key features of this famous exercise equipment.

Total Gym Features:


This folding indoor exercise machine’s overall size is 18.5 inches long, 93 inches wide, 44.5 inches high when unfolded. It becomes 18.5 inches long, 50.5 inches wide, 8.5 inches high when you fold this equipment.

Quality and Durability:

It comes with 12 different resistance levels to fit different fitness levels and workout goals. On the other hand, its glide board will incline 12 levels to increase workout intensity. Users can get up to 85+ diverse workouts with this durable equipment.

The full structure has a sturdy steel construction frame that is thick enough to prevent bent. Its glide board has flexible nylon strap handles and a tear-resistant vinyl cover to reduce the risks of injuries.

Ease of Use:

Using this machine is very easy and effortless. Its bench is designed to suit user’s bodies while they need a workout. It enables the possibility of different cross-training, including strength and cardio-training. This machine will never put much strain on your knee or joints. Its adjustable resistance level allows gentle rehab exercise to intense calorie-burning workout.

Weight Capacity:

Weight capacity is an important factor for an exercise machine. Much weight capacity means your exercise equipment will take the heavyweight, as well as withstand any intense workout. The Total Gym Fit has a maximum weight capacity of 450lbs. It is remarkably higher than any other similar model. Any heavyweight person will be able to exercise with this machine. Its upgraded frame and cable pulley system ensures it.

Additional Features and Components:

The Total Gym Fit comes with everything you need for a quality and comfortable workout. Accessories and features including:

  • Ribbed Squat Stand.
  • Ab crunch accessory
  • 2-Piece Wing Attachment for a wider range of motion.
  • Leg Pull Accessory
  • Detachable Bracket and 2 Ankle Cuffs.
  • Adjustable LAT Bars.
  • 6-Piece Strengthening Set with Pull-Up Bars, Dip Bars.
  • Nutritional Program & Meal Plan.
  • 85+ indoor exercise.
  • Offer a full-body workout.
  • Smooth transitional motions.
  • 12 level or resistance and glide board incline.
  • Not easy to move it around .

Why Should You Buy Total Gym FIT?

Regular workout is significant for everyone. It doesn’t matter what machine you’re using, but you should maintain a workout routine to get the best result. However, to get effective and effortless exercise, modern equipment plays a vital role. Here are a few benefits and the main reasons why you should spend on Gym Fit rather than others.

Total Gym FIT Review

  • The Total Gym FIT allows full-body workout while others are only target specific parts of your body.
  • It will provide a low-impact workout experience so that one machine can fulfill all your family member’s necessities.
  • This machine is fully customizable and offers 85+ workouts without any complexity.
  • It comes with 12 level resistance to provide effective weight loss, strengthen muscle, and cardio exercise.
  • Total Gym FIT ’s robust structure ensures stability and sustainability, which is most important to invest in exercise equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequent questions about Total Gym Fit; read through if you have any further confusion.

Can you build muscle with Total Gym?

If you use the Total Gym Fit regularly with increased resistance and difficulty, you should gain stronger muscles. You can follow the DVDs that come with Gym Fit for effective results.

How long should a total gym workout be?

You should maintain a regular routine of your workout. Begin with 3 to 5 days a week and workout at least 60 to 90 minutes according to your goal.

Can you use the total gym every day?

Yes, you can if you are fit to do regular exercise. In case 20 minutes of regular workout will keep you fit.

Are squats on the Total Gym effective?

Yes, the Total Gym Fit squats are very effective, and they have less resistance than other standing squats. It could be helpful for you.

Is total gym better than free weights?

Free weights are a good option for an indoor workout, but the total gym fit could be more beneficial. The Total Gym Fit offers a full-body workout, so it is much more effective than free weights.

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