Mr Rudolf Water Rowing Machine Reviews in 2021

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a busy schedule is a challenge. However, with the proper assistance and equipment, you can stay fit and healthy. Going to the gym is not always necessary and possible for everyone. That is why you can use several machines and equipment from your home gym.

Rowing machines are one such equipment that can become an integral part of your exercise routine. With so many rowing machines in the market, choosing the right one can become hard. This guide contains Mr. Rudolf water rowing reviews that help you understand why this machine is a great option.

Mr Rudolf Water Rowing Machine Reviews

Mr. Rudolf water rowing machine is an impressive machine that takes care of your fitness requirements. Read the Mr Rudolf water rowing machine reviews to know more about it and how it can benefit you.


Mr Rudolf Water Rowing Machine

Rowing is not only a recreational activity but is also good for your physique. However, everyone can’t get real rowing experience. To help you enjoy the feeling of rowing from the comfort of your home, rowing machines have been introduced. Not only this, rowing machines are a great addition to your home gym.

In this guide, we have included Mr Rudolf Water Rowing Machine reviews. This will help you get insights into the different features of the rowing machine.

Design and Frame:

The first thing that most people get impressed by when viewing this machine is its design. This machine is designed professionally to look like an actual ship. With this rowing machine, you can have the full outdoor experience without having to step out of your home. They are the perfect rowing machines for most households.

The rowing machine’s construction is such that it impacts more than 84 percent of your body muscles. These muscles are abdominal muscles, quadriceps, biceps, large gluteus maximus, knee joints, elbow joints, etc. Using this rowing machine, you can indulge in different low-impact exercises that will not stress your joints.

The frame of the machine that includes the seat base is made from high-quality oak wood. There is also a 1-inch conveyer belt, see-through water tank (plastic), and plastic footplates in the machine. The base has damping footpads that prevent slipping off when you are working out vigorously.

The machine’s dimensions are 82 inches in length, 22 inches in width, and 20 inches in height. You would approximate 7’7″ (L) x 1’9″ (W) of the area along with additional space to comfortably place the machine. However, for storing the machine, you would require only 20″ x 22″ space. Moreover, the front base has transport wheels which make relocating the machine easier.


One thing that everyone looks for in any machine is the comfort that they receive. You do not want to work out using a machine that gives your back pain or is not comfortable. This means that the backrest, the seat, and the posture of the user should be proper. This becomes very important, especially when you are working out.

Mr. Rudolf is equipped with an ergonomic seat that provides you optimum comfort for 30 minutes workout. The seat is stable and would not slip or wobble when vigorously working. There are dual rails in a wooden base where the seat is placed, which makes it sturdier.


The rower has large, height-adjustable footplates with straps. The height-adjustable footplates ensure that you can change the footplate height at a suitable distance. With the straps present at the footplates, your feet will not move from their position when you are exercising.

Even if you sweat while exercising, the strapped footplates and the ergonomic seat will ensure that you do not slip off. Moreover, there is a heel border which gives extra prevention to slipping in any case. You can wear gym shoes and still accommodate your feet comfortably.


The rowing machine has a soft cushioned handlebar covered with rubber foam. This handlebar ensures that you are comfortable when you are working out for a long time. Even if your grip is tight, the rubber foam will keep your hands from hurting, slipping, or having blisters.

The handlebar is equipped with a 1-inch nylon strap connected to the plastic water tank and is run over the rowing pulley. However, even with the foam, if you feel slight discomfort in your palms, you can opt for suitable gloves.


The water-resistance feature of the rowing machine is very dynamic. This means that people of different fitness levels can use several resistance levels. Moreover, the splash sound helps stimulate the outdoor experience when working out.

You will find a plastic water tank, in-built paddles, recoil system, handlebar, strap, and pulley in the water-resistance system. With all these elements, you can create a real-life rowing experience. Due to the dynamic nature of the resistance, you do not have to deal with any pre-defined settings. The faster you paddle, the tougher the resistance gets.

Bluetooth Monitor:

The next impressive feature that makes it a modern machine is the Bluetooth monitor. The Bluetooth monitor is customizable and has 3 different setup modes.

With these 3 setup modes – Manual, Target, and Interval Custom you can do better time management. It also becomes easier to reach your exercise target without any hindrance. The Bluetooth monitor displays all the details of your workout. You can see the distance, per hour calories burnt, strokes per minute, and watts.

You can also set yourself a target on the Target mode and try to achieve it in the set time frame. This rowing machine helps you challenge yourself and do better each day. Moreover, with visual tracking, you have a qualitative analysis of your progress every day. This is one feature that you may not find in many rowing machines in this budget.


Now that we have touched upon the budget structure, you will be happy knowing how budget-friendly. This impressive rowing machine is the perfect option for people who want to invest in one but cannot afford high-end machines.

Most of the rowing machines with good features come at a higher price. Mr. Rudolf water rowing machine has the required features but falls in a moderate price range.

Dimensions and Weight:

The rowing machine’s weight and dimensions will matter greatly since it would have to fit in your home space. Mr. Rudolf weighs 58.5 pounds which is quite heavy. However, the heaviness of the machine makes it sturdy. You will not be able to use a lightweight rowing machine for a long time.

Due to the heavy-weight, the weight-bearing capacity of the machine is also good. This rowing machine can sustain a maximum of 320 pounds of weight. This is perfect for large-sized people. Along with this, the dimensions of the water rower are 82 inches (L) x 22 inches (W) x 20 inches (H).

Easy Assembly and Storage:

Another very important factor that you should be concerned about is the assembling of this rowing machine. Having a machine that is complicating to assemble can be a real hassle. However, users have appreciated the easy to assemble rowing machine you can do with little or no help.

Storage is also not an issue with this rowing machine. First of all, the rowing machine has removable parts that you can store away. If you are using it every day, you do not need to remove and assemble the machine each day. You can just let it stay at a suitable exercise spot.

Storage comes into question when you may go away for a certain time. You do not want to leave your rowing machine unused and open for days. You simply need to remove the parts that you had assembled and keep them in a box in such a time. Make sure that the storage box is big enough and none of the parts are cramped.

You can use the package box itself or find a suitable box for the parts. Make sure that the machine is stored in a proper place. Since the machine is heavy, you should store it in a sturdy space to bear the weight.


  • Length – 82 inches
  • Width – 22 inches
  • Height – 20 inches
  • Product Weight – 58.5 lbs (26.5 kg)
  • User Weight Capacity – 320 lbs (145 kg)
  • Material – Oakwood
  • Resistance – Water
  • Seat – Ergonomic (Cushioned and Contoured)
  • Footplates – adjustable and large space
  • Transport Wheels – Yes
  • Handlebar – Ergonomic design with soft rubber foam coating
  • Monitor – 500M split time/calories per hour, watts, strokes per minute, distance, and time displayed on LCD
  • Includes Manual Siphon Pump
  • Warranty – 1 year for frame and 180 days for labor and parts

Mr. Rudolf Features:

  • Provides users with real water rowing experience
  • Sturdy oak wood construction
  • Can support a maximum of 320 lbs or 145 kg user weight
  • The rowing machine can accommodate users of variable size and height
  • Users with variable fitness level can use the resistance intensities provided by the resistance system
  • It helps you do cardiovascular workouts that improve cardiovascular strength and health and also motivate weight loss
  • Rowing machine impacts more than 80 percent of body muscles
  • Ergonomic, contoured seat provides optimum comfort for long-duration workouts
  • The movement of the rail is smooth and stable
  • Rowing machine operation is quiet and stimulates the experience of a real rowing boat
  • Footplates of the rowing machine are large to accommodate people with variable foot size and adjustable
  • The package includes a manual siphon pump
  • When storing the machine does not take up much space
  • Bluetooth LCD monitor helps track your progress while working out
  • You do not need to spend much time on machine maintenance
  • Assembling the machine is very easy and does not take up much time
Why Do We Love It?
  • Lightweight rowing machine as compared to its competitors
  • Frame is made from solid oak wood and is durable
  • The rowing machine is a budget-friendly option that most people can afford
  • Equipped with an active recoil system
  • Footplates are adjustable and equipped with straps that keep your feet in place
  • The rowing machine has transport wheels that make it easy for you to move places
  • You can include the rowing machine in your everyday exercise routine
  • Assembling and storing the machine is very easy and does not take much time
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Maximum height is restricted and can be problematic for some users
  • The Bluetooth monitor function can be inconsistent at certain times
  • Despite the backlit monitor, the color contrast is low and needs better visibility
  • The machine lacks online connectivity
  • There is no feature of monitoring heart rate

How to Use Mr. Rudolf Water Rowing Machine?

When using the Mr. Rudolf water rowing machine, you have to concentrate on different areas of workout. As already discussed, the machine is perfect for low-impact exercises. It focuses on different body muscles, and you need to form a routine to work those muscles without joint pressure.

How to Use Mr. Rudolf Water Rowing Machine

In the package, you will find basic directions that help you build your workout schedule. First, it is suggested to start workouts for only 10 minutes time period. You can slowly increase this time to 20 minutes and then gradually to 30/40 minutes. Moreover, you can also increase the time as per your fitness level.

You can go for simple rowing exercises or focus specifically on arms, legs, or other muscles during this time frame. Make sure you develop a proper workout structure where you do different body area workouts every day. If you feel that your back or hands are hurting at any point, immediately stop your workout.

With time, you will adjust to the workout structure, and you can see a significant change in your fitness level. Since the resistance level is dynamic, you can start with slow pulls and then change to vigorous rowing to exert your body more. However, make sure that you do not create unnatural pressure on your body.

Final Thought

By reading the Mr Rudolf Water Rowing Machine reviews, you can understand that this rower is a high-functioning machine at a budget-friendly price range. This rowing machine is perfect for your home use if you have a considerable amount of space. If your focus is weight loss and physical fitness, this machine can be very beneficial.

You can also use other indoor equipment along with the rowing machine. However, in most cases, it is seen that the rower acts as complete fitness equipment. Since it focuses on different body muscles effectively, you can use this one machine for your overall fitness journey.

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