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Rowing is a well-known sport to help you develop your core muscles. Therefore, rowing machines are equipped to provide you with a similar workout that targets your arms and leg muscles. Despite their small size, these machines will give you a full-body workout. As there are a plethora of rowing machines to choose from, the decision can be tricky.

Are you also looking for ways to improve your stamina and boost your immunity? If so, the Marnur water rowing machine will surely come to your aid. Even though it’s one of the most well-reputed brands, you must analyze it before buying. Hence, in this article, we’ll take you through an exhaustive Marnur water rowing machine review to help you decide.

Marnur Water Rowing Machine Review

The Marnur water rowing machine comes with water resistance on double tracks. Thus, it becomes a good option for men and women with any level of fitness. The machine gives you extra stability owing to the double-track aluminum structure design. It can smoothly handle your weight up to 300 pounds.


They have taken it a notch higher with this design as it’s sturdier than the rowing machine with a single track. Even if you’re performing the most intense exercises, the anti-slip foot pedals will ensure a firm and smooth movement. Moreover, you can adjust the foot pedal as per your foot size as this machine is highly customizable.

It’s ideal for you, even if you have no prior rowing experience. Adding to this, you can adjust the water-resistance level by filling up the water tank up to your preferred capacity. Also, the LCD display monitor helps you to keep track of your performance and improve it successfully. Additionally, you can adjust the direction of the monitor as per your height and convenience.

The water resistance level will also depend on the paddle’s size and the speed of your movements. A highlight from this Marnur water rowing machine review is that you can adjust your rowing frequency with this machine. Despite whatever pace you choose, the adjustable size and anti-slip foot pedals only add to it.

1. Specifications

  • It’s relatively high-end and sturdy as it’s made of good-quality aluminum. Even the frame, for that matter, is made of aluminum.
  • The machine weighs 92.6 pounds despite the sturdy body and complex construction.
  • You get a large water tank with 22.63-inch width. It comes with a tight-sealing design and is constructed with polypropylene.
  • The adjustable water level scale will represent the level of water resistance with which you are dealing. Also, it aims to give you better control and understanding over your regime.
  • The multifunctional LCD monitor is 9-inch large. Also, it displays vital information like exercise time, rowing frequency, calories burned, and stroke count. Additionally, it shows actual rowed distance, distance goal, among other necessary details.
  • The ergonomic design of the seat will support your body with its 37 x 11.42-inch size.
  • It has a high weight capacity and can accommodate your body with ease if you weigh under 300 pounds.
  • The foot pedals are adjustable as per shoe size for a better grip, and they come with an anti-slip feature.
  • Additionally, you get porting wheels at the bottom of the machine to help you transport it with ease.
  • You also get a supplementary water pipe to refill the tank as and when the need arises.

2. Marnur Features

  • It has a large water tank that can hold a good capacity of water. Additionally, the scales on the tank represent the resistance level of water for better monitoring.
  • You can adjust the foot pedals to 6 levels ranging from 35-45 euro size. It can accommodate your foot size and height.
  • You get a 9-inch large LCD monitor that is adjustable and helps you keep track of your workout for higher efficiency.
  • The LCD monitor displays your data like the calories burnt, time, distance covered, and strokes.
  • The prime steel structure is durable, and the head of the rower consists of stainless steel, a stable body.
  • The comfortable handlebars are filled with foam. Additionally, they provide a non-slip grip.
  • The machine is waterproof and comes equipped with a water pipe to help you refill it with clean water. You can connect it to the water injection port on the machine easily.
  • The seat is ergonomically designed, and you’ll find it to be very comfortable for long workouts. Also, it fits the curve of your hip perfectly.
  • It’s very smooth and quiet in operation.
  • Highly adjustable foot pedals and machine size to accommodate your body.
  • The watering sound is soothing and elevates your workout experience.
  • It’s ideal for any intensity of workout with comfortable seats and a sturdy design.
  • You can use it with any height and body build as it’s quite inclusive.
  • Your joints are highly protected with the ergonomic design of the machine.
  • It gives you a full-body workout, not just arms or legs.
  • It helps in physical recovery or rehabilitation and helps you relieve stress after work.
  • Stimulates your muscles and provides practical muscle training.
  • There are positive Marnur water rowing machine reviews by most customers.
  • Somewhat pricey.
  • The assembly manual is hard to read.

How To Assemble And Use Marnur Water Rowing Machine?

It’s relatively simple to assemble the Marnur water rowing machine and use it. However, the instruction manual is not very descriptive, so you might have to rely on external sources for better assembly instructions.

How To Assemble And Use Marnur Water Rowing Machine

Step 1: Before You Assemble

The package you’ll buy will come with all the necessary tools, and you don’t need extra equipment to set-up the machine. Ensure that you open the box and begin assembling it in the designated room. This way, you don’t have to carry it later.

Step 2: Arrangement

Unbox all the parts and arrange them into positions as depicted in the user guide or manual. Two significant parts of the rower come pre-assembled, so you don’t have to do much. Just attach the seat to the slide and screw the marked rails into their designated slots.

Step 3: A Second Hand

Now that you’ve screwed the rails, you must attach the legs to the body by lifting it a little. Although one person can assemble the rowing machine body and the water tank, they are still quite heavy. It would help if you asked for help or a second hand for this part.

Step 4: Attaching The Water Tank

The water tank weighs around 50-60 lbs, so you must move it to the position before lifting it to attach it to the rest of the body. You must use a wrench and a screwdriver for this part of the assembly process. Even though an all-in-one tool comes with the package, we recommend using these.

Step 5: LCD Monitor

The LCD monitor already comes with the screws in place, at the back of the screen, for your convenience. All you have to do is position it according to your stature and height and screw it on.

Step 6: Complete it

Now that your Marnur water rowing machine is set up, you must insert the water pipe into the water tank. Since there is an injection port on the tank, all you have to do is, attach the tube to it securely. Then you can fill the tank as per your workout needs and start your fitness routine.

Step 7: Using it

After setting up the machine at your preferred location, you can fill the tank and begin exercising. You can also easily read the water level in the tank, and it will determine the resistance level of your workout. Additionally, you must switch on the monitor and reset your data before every training.

Sit on the ergonomically constructed seat and grab hold of the foam handles. The double tracks will ensure a smooth gliding experience, and you can row back and forth. Your experience as a user will also be enhanced by the soft sound of the water movements inside the tank.

Some Additional Tips:

Your safety is paramount while using any heavy equipment, so we have curated the best words of advice. Here are some additional tips by experts to get the most out of your rowing machines.

  • Please work with your legs and use them to drive the machine. That will develop your muscles and increase your performance.
  • Since it’s pretty common to lift off your seat while rowing, you must remember to sit with your back correctly aligned with the seat. For this, you must push back and avoid pushing up.
  • To avoid achy forearms, don’t grip the foam handles too firmly. Use just enough pressure for a smooth and safe experience.
  • It would help if you did not drive with your elbows. Also, remember to keep them straight and relaxed while driving all the force using your legs.
  • While rowing, ensure that your shins are perpendicular to the floor and your feet must never touch the seat. That is because it can prove to be a safety hazard at times.
  • Never re-bend your knees too quickly while gliding back and forth.

Final Thoughts

Water rowing machines are great for giving your body a full-fledged workout. Apart from focusing on your leg and arm muscles, you can use them for improved flexibility and physical recovery. The Marnur water rowing machine is an excellent piece of equipment and can serve as an in-house gym for you.

It will prove as an excellent one-time investment for your fitness and health. When it’s not in use, you can stack it anywhere in your house due to its compact and portable design. Hopefully, our Marnur water rowing machine review by experts will help you arrive at a great decision.

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