How to Use Proform Elliptical Without iFit?

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Elliptical users have an idea about iFit or even understand how it works for their workout sessions. Several people have tested the experience and classified iFit as a game-changer in the world of workout machines. iFit provides virtual training that is essential in achieving fitness goals faster and effectively.

But can an elliptical user employ their machines without iFit? Now, if possible, how can you use your machine without the iFit trainer? Our article instills knowledge about iFit and how to use proform elliptical without iFit.

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Our presentation entails steps for using Proform elliptical machines without iFit and whether you can bypass this program. Before that, check this list at a glance.

What is iFit?

This is a sophisticated fitness platform designed to provide exercisers virtual training from highly-trained world-class fitness trainers. The training from iFit is in the form of live and on-demand videos guiding exercisers on how to perform different workouts and feel an effect. Some workout samples you will find in iFit include the studio classes, global exercises, and the Google Maps trails.

What is iFit?

Besides the sample workout programs, iFit also makes changes to your machine for better performance and results. Such changes include the machine resistance, speed, incline, and decline; all the changes depend on the machine an exerciser uses. Using iFit will provide you immense experience in your workout sessions and motivate you to learn and explore new things.

Can You Bypass iFit?

Mostly, when you purchase a new elliptical, you require activating iFit before starting to use it. Activating iFit requires creating an account on this platform before accessing even the programs with an elliptical for short person. However, not all elliptical models will require the activation, but just a few or advanced market options.

Can You Bypass iFit?

But is bypassing iFit possible to your new elliptical? Bypassing iFit is simple in several elliptical models, especially in the Proform machine. Mostly it takes about a minute or so to complete the bypassing process. You require pressing and maintaining hold of the iFit button until the process completes.

How to Use Proform Elliptical Without iFit

Proform elliptical machines usually come loaded with over 50 pre-installed programs that help workout enthusiasts to reap from the machine. Users access the programs through the built-in screen of the elliptical. Even though other models require activation to iFit before using the machine, you can enjoy more from ellipticals without it. Let’s comprehend how to use proform elliptical without iFit.

How to Use Proform Elliptical Without iFit

Step One:

Start pedaling the elliptical, and the console will turn on automatically. Likewise, you can accomplish this by pressing any button on the elliptical console. Immediately the display will show up or turn on, signifying readiness for use.

Step Two:

On the console, usually, the machine will direct you to activate iFit. However, you can bypass or skip it to use the manual mode programs. You do this by pressing the home or manual button and select the manual mode option. The manual mode always selects itself automatically where iFit modules are connected to an elliptical.

Step Three:

Now, work on the elliptical resistance accordingly; here, make changes on the pedals to your desired levels. Usually, you change the resistance while pedaling to get how hard or smooth the pedaling changes for you. Change resistance by pressing the quick resistance button to decrease or increase it.

Step Four:

You can start using your elliptical now without iFit. There are up to 50 programs you can enjoy in the manual mode to keep you fit. However, if you require more programs, then subscribe to iFit to get additional workout programs.

Following the steps above enable you to bypass iFit to use the manual mode programs. Even though iFit provides several programs to engage into, programs in the manual mode are also enough to maintain fit.

iFit Smart Workout Equipment APP

This is the elliptical app users require to enjoy additional cardio programs from iFit. Elliptical owners simply need to pair the app to their machine to get started. The app boasts several features, including 24 pre-set programs and the vertical space folding design. Moreover, the app features an adjustable power incline as well as a backlit display, among others.

Is iFit Essential for a Proform Elliptical?

iFit program requires a customer to renew their subscription contracts to continue to enjoy the exercise programs they offer. However, as a member, there are times you might consider not renewing the subscription for various reasons. Still, members have the opportunity to access few iFit workouts through a long-lasting inertia-enhanced flywheel. Subscriptions simply open up several workout programs directed by world-class renowned fitness trainers.

Is iFit Essential for a Proform Elliptical?

What You Get From iFit Coach

Basically, iFit designers thought of this fantastic program to add new dimensions to workout enthusiasts who need results. A proform elliptical machine can provide smooth cardio to both the lower and upper body. However, incorporating iFit will serve as a game-changer in your workout sessions as well as improve results.


Proform elliptical machines emerge among the popular elliptical models that have proved to be excellent by what they provide. They provide users a perfect opportunity to burn extra calories to maintain health as well as in excellent shapes. Incorporating iFit in your daily elliptical routines takes you a step higher in achieving your fitness objectives. People who have ever tested iFit testify that the program is indeed a game-changer worthy trying by workout enthusiasts.

However, iFit requires a subscription by the members to get the content inside the program fully. But members who lack the subscription fee can still enjoy a few programs from them. Or likewise, the elliptical machines come with preset programs exercise can enjoy before they subscribe to iFit. Learn how to use proform elliptical without iFit to enjoy exercises throughout and attain your set fitness objective.

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