How to Reduce Treadmill Noise in an Apartment?

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You can’t ignore that the treadmill is one of the vital exercise equipment that keeps you fit and healthy. That’s why Cher once said, “Nothing lifts me out of a bad mood better than a hard workout on my treadmill. It never fails. Exercise is nothing short of a miracle”.

Getting your own Treadmill machine gives you the opportunity to continue running to stay in shape. But if you reside in an apartment with a noise-tender neighbor, you may receive bad press about this noisy exercise equipment. In that case, you have to perceive How to Reduce Treadmill Noise in an Apartment.

Selecting a better location to place your treadmill can reduce the noise. Besides, proper maintenance, lubrication, and servicing can also aid in reducing treadmill noise effectively. If you would like to get more detailed about this query, check out the rest of the article concentratedly.

Is a Treadmill Too Loud for an Apartment?

If you would like to get exercise regularly and fit, then the treadmill will be the best selection. By running or walking on a treadmill machine, you’ll be up to burn calories and bolster your entire body. But the problem is, treadmills really make too-loud sounds while you’re walking or running on them. Especially, if you live with a sound-sensitive neighbor or family members, you’ll surely get complaints.

Is a Treadmill Too Loud for an Apartment?

To avoid this noise and get relief from getting complaints, what will you do then? Will you stop using treadmills? No, this is not a way of solving the problem. Every problem comes up with a solution and it has too. In this context, we have assembled some of the best ways that will help you reduce treadmill noise.

Reason for Noisy Treadmill Sounds

There are numerous reasons that exist behind the noisy treadmill sound but the most common ones we have found out. By inspecting a number of treadmills, we have sorted out that if a treadmill belt is not adjusted accurately, then it will surely make a loud sound. So, affix the belt appropriately according to the user manual that you get while purchasing a treadmill.

Reason for Noisy Treadmill Sounds

Your treadmill motor can be congested with debris and it can be the prominent reason for the loud sounds of your treadmills. That’s why it’s elementary to clean the motors more often than not. Sometimes your treadmill can make a lot of sounds if its main components collapse.

These are the most common reasons for extreme sounds on your treadmill but sometimes they are not the main objects behind the noise. However, you can apply a number of methods to alleviate the sound of your treadmill in an apartment. If you don’t know-how, then look at the below segment.

How to Reduce Treadmill Noise in an Apartment

Undoubtedly, Treadmill is one of the best pieces of exercise equipment that you can use at your home. Exercising with a treadmill can benefit you from increased heart rate at a healthy level to improving joint flexibility.  You can use a Treadmill for Bad Knees as well.

How to Reduce Treadmill Noise in an Apartment

However, If you don’t like to go to the gym, then the treadmill can be the best preference as an indoor exercise tool.  But the problem is with its sound. What can you do for reducing the sound it generates? Don’t worry.  We are here to provide you with some techniques that help in alleviating treadmill sound.

1. Place Your Treadmill on a Flat Surface

Ensure that you have placed your treadmill on a flat surface and the corners of it have been adjusted on the fault evenly. Even if it leans on one side, it’ll tremble when you use it. Any jiggling will surely make noise and cause devastation to the treadmill in the long run. So, it is the initial problem you should fix.

2. Use Anti-Vibration Or Anti-Slip Pads Under Corners

Anti-vibration pads are considered one of the most useful elements for a treadmill machine that vibrates on the floor. They are effective for fridges, washers, and mostly loud treadmills. By conferring thick but soft rubber pads under each and every corner of the treadmill, you’ll be up to alleviate the vibration that happens as it’s constraining against the floor.

Anti-slip pads are incredible if you place your treadmill on hardwood planks. There are several types and sizes of anti-vibration pads available that you can use. Just bear in mind the treadmill’s corner size and make sure that the pads are larger than the corner so that they can be adjusted appropriately. Besides, ensure that the pads you’ll purchase are at least half an inch thick to sponge up the noise.

3. Use Rubber Mate Under the Treadmill

Rubber mats can be used as an alternative to anti-vibration pads or mats. You’ll find several treadmills that are entirely flat or nearly flat. On account of this, a rubber mat that can cover up the complete area under the treadmill is the best solution for safeguarding the floor and for shock absorption.

Use Rubber Mate Under the Treadmill

Before purchasing a treadmill noise reduction mat, be confirmed that it’s extended enough to wrap the entire area under the treadmill. Besides, read out customers reviews of the products to inspect whether it’s durable and can absorb the noise properly or not.

Several types and sizes of treadmill mats are available in the market but the most popular and durable one is Rubber-Cal Treadmill Mat. This mat is available in two different sizes, 6.5 feet x 48 inches, and 48-inches x 7 feet respectively.

4. Soundproof The Room

The majority of people don’t have individual room for placing the treadmill and working out.  A maximum number of people set their treadmill in the living room in front of the television. In that case, if the noise irritates people in the other rooms, what will you do then? Well, there are a few soundproofing techniques that you can apply on the doors, walls, or in your windows.

Including an extra layer of drywall is a common way to adjust mass to the wall. This added mass will be up to prevent a lot of noise from the room. Mineral wool can also be used between the wall pillars.

All of these techniques that we mentioned above can work as soundproofing in a regular wall or a ceiling.

5. Lubricate the Belt

Every treadmill comes with a belt that controls slow contact with the rollers of treadmills and keeps them rolling quietly. If you notice that the belt is dry or moisture less, then keep sure that your treadmill will make more sound than normal. Relying on your using duration, you should lubricate the belt after a certain period of time.

Now a question may come to your subconscious mind about how to lubricate the belt in a proper way, right?  Actually, it relies on the design as every treadmill comes with an individual design. We prefer checking the user manual of your treadmill to accomplish the task appropriately.

The maximum number of people don’t know what oil they should use on a treadmill to lubricate. Different types of treadmills use different oils; it varies from one treadmill to another. It is better to find this information in the user manual that you get while purchasing. Generally, you’ll have the required oil if you buy your treadmill from the store and it lasts more than a year.

If you don’t have a user manual and still you don’t know what oil you should use, then Google your model to see if there is any information available on the internet from the manufacturers or not. If not, then use standard lubrication oils like synthetic, or petroleum-free oil.

6. Run With Lighter Shoes or Go Barefoot (If Possible)

Try to avoid using military boots while running on the treadmill. Because military boots generate more sound than lightweight running shoes or barefoot. According to some treadmill users, once they used heavy shoes that made more noise but when they started to use lightweight shoes, it made less sound and felt floaty as well.

Run With Lighter Shoes or Go Barefoot (If Possible)

So, you must try lighter footwear to inspect whether your treadmill produces less sound than previous times or not. You can run or walk on the treadmill barefoot as well, which is good for your feet.

We know that this method won’t fix the treadmill sound issues but it is not bad to see whether it makes a difference or not, isn’t it?

7. Run or Walk on An Incline

Check if your treadmill holds an incline option or not. If yes, then run on it, and let’s check out whether it makes less noise during that time or not. Our experts suggest a slight incline on the treadmill for working out the calves, glutes, and hamstrings. Running regularly on a treadmill stretches the lungs too early. However, if you intend to strengthen the legs and lose weight using the treadmill, then a slight incline is a perfect option.

8. Purchase a Quieter Treadmill

To avoid the noise problem of treadmills then it is better to purchase a treadmill that produces no sound. Some treadmills come with quieter engines, a stronger base, and better shock absorbers, and many more.

These are the main objects that can alleviate the sounds by a number of decibel levels that are sufficient to entirely fix the problem.

Final Thought

A treadmill is vital to exercise equipment that brings tons of benefits. From reducing weight to robust muscle strength, it plays a crucial role. But a remarkable number of people don’t like to use the treadmill because of its extreme sounds that may irritate the people who are sound sensitive.

However, in this article, we have shown How to Reduce Treadmill Noise in an Apartment. The 8 different techniques have been illustrated above that are tried and tested. If you intend to reduce your treadmill sounds, then execute one of the methods and let us know whether it has worked or not.

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