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Owning a treadmill is something very ambitious, and thinking about moving a treadmill is more ambitious. Moving the treadmill incorrectly can cause permanent damage to the machine. In worse cases, it may also cause injuries to even the most fitness-savvy persons.

So, how to move a treadmill upstairs? First of all, make a plan. Do not try to move it without knowing anything about it. In some cases, you may end up moving the treadmill all on your own, but a little extra help is always good. Those extra pairs of hands will make sure that you can move the 50 lbs treadmill properly without any damage.

Things to Consider Before Move a Treadmill Upstairs

Treadmill Upstairs

When you think about relocating equipment that is as big as a treadmill, you need to cut things off. If you want to move the treadmill upstairs without causing any damage, you need some preparation.

Here are a handful of things that you may need to do before you move the treadmill.

1. Checking the Manual for Instructions

Before everything else, open up the manual and check for instructions. You may need to look for instructions like how to fold it, does it have wheels, or how to take apart the treadmills. And if you can’t find a manual, you can simply look into your treadmill model and search for owner manuals online.

2. Unplugging the Treadmill and Remove the Safety Key

Treadmill and Remove the Safety Key

This may seem like something too obvious, but trust me, it is vital. And this is that one point that people skip while they’re in a hurry. But it would be best if you never did that. It would help if you never moved a treadmill that is connected to the wall. So, be careful while you move the treadmill. Make sure that you’ve unplugged the treadmill.

3. Checking the Weight and Size

Treadmill Checking the Weight and Size

If you have checked the manual, you must know the size and weight of your treadmill by now. Also, you may find the folding and locking instructions in the manual. If your treadmill weighs around 45 lbs, you need at least two people to move the treadmill. And if your treadmill weighs 100 lbs or over that you may require three-four people to move it. However, treadmills with heavier weight capacity may need more persons.

4. Prepare for Disassembling

Find out how to disassemble your treadmill. If it’s foldable, you can choose to fold it. Otherwise, it must have parts that can be adjusted for transportation. And if your treadmill is foldable, then fold it in half. There should also be a locking mechanism. Once you have folded it, the locking mechanism will hold it together.

5. Remove the Doors and Jambs as Required

You may need to remove the door and jamb to make more space for your treadmill to pass in some cases. Some treadmills are way too wide to pass through an average doorway.

So, in that case, you may need to remove the door and jambs. Once you’ve folded your treadmill, measure it and check if it will fit through the doorway. If it does not fit, then you know what to do.

7. Move Upstairs Carefully

Treadmill Move Upstairs Carefully

Once you have completed the above steps, you are ready to move the treadmill upstairs. Determine the weight, then decide how many people you may need.

Once you’re good to go, position the stronger person to take the first step. If any of you have an issue with sweaty hands, wear gloves. This will help you have a better grip. Be very careful while you take the stairs.

8. Reassemble

Once you have reached upstairs carefully and safely, it’s time to reassemble things. Lock the treadmill in an upright position and place the safety key in its right position.    

If nothing else works, hire a moving company. They can help you shift it from one place to another. Yes, it may cost you some money. But they are experts in this job. After all, Better to err on the side of caution than to risk injury.

How to Move a Treadmill Upstairs

If you have read all the instructions about considering things before moving the treadmills upstairs , then the work must be easy by now. Here are a few steps you may find helpful to move a treadmill upstairs:

Step 1: Clear the Path: First things first, clear the path. Make sure to move any furniture on which you may trip, including rugs and paths. Remove everything that could potentially get in your way.

Step 2: Choose a Place: Once you have made enough path for your treadmill, choose an ideal location to place your treadmill. The last thing you’d want to do is, shift the treadmill upstairs and then move it a few times more.

Step 3: Get Some Extra Pair of Hands: Depending on the size and weight of your treadmill, you may require some extra help.

Step 4: Lift from the Belt: Lift up the treadmill from the rear of the belt and fold it towards the console. This will lock it in its place.

Step 5: Tilt the Treadmill: Grip the treadmill from the console and gradually tilt it back until the treadmill is on its wheel.

Step 6: One Step at a Time: Be very careful and take one step at a time. Communicate and take one stair at a time to avoid any accidents.

Step 7: Place it on the Mat: Once you have reached upstairs, you can roll it to the new location. Place it on the mat that has been placed there beforehand. Once you have placed it on the mat, unlock the belt and then carefully lower it on the ground.


We are at the very end of our article on how to move a treadmill upstairs. I hope you have found all the information that you required. Keep working out and stay healthy. Adios!

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