How To Choose A Treadmill For Your Exercise?

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If you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the workout is the single most important thing after eating healthy. Workout equipment helps you work out more effectively and get better anatomy. Treadmills are by far the most effective yet easiest workout equipment that you can get today. A Treadmill will help you with miles of running, jogging, walking in a very compact space in the corner of your room.

how to choose a treadmill

However, choosing the best treadmill comes with a lot of technical issues. You must know what you should look for while buying a treadmill, or you won’t be able to get the most out of your equipment. In this article, I will talk about how to choose a treadmill and get you through the things you must check before buying a treadmill.

Types Of Treadmill

Depending on the operating procedure of the treadmills, there are three types available in the market:

  1. Electric motorized treadmills
  2. Manual or mechanical treadmills
  3. Anti-gravity treadmills

If you want to have a treadmill with an incline feature, there are two different options here as well:

  1. Automatic inclining treadmills
  2. Manual inclining treadmills

Depending on the purpose of your treadmill journey, they might differ here too:

  1. House Treadmills
  2. Club Treadmills
  3. Folding compact treadmills
  4. Commercial treadmills
  5. Desk treadmills

How To Choose A Treadmill?

When it comes to the question, how to choose a treadmill for home or professional and commercial use, it might seem a daunting job. Here are the features, benefits, and the other peripheral things you must look for while buying a treadmill:

How To Choose A Treadmill

Running or jogging:

Treadmills come in different perspectives as well as different types. The first thing you must decide before getting a treadmill is if you’re going to use it as a running device or only for walking. Walking treadmills are not as powerful as the running treadmills as mostly they come mechanical. Walking treadmills are available without any electric motor inside, which makes them affordable. You might want to go for a jugging device if you aren’t planning on making a home gym.

Consider the space and place:

Treadmills come in a very wide range of sizes and features, and you must take them into account before getting one. Especially if you’re getting the treadmill for home use, it’s important to know how much space you have for the treadmill. If you have a big space to set the treadmill, you can opt-out for a full-size treadmill with the biggest track possible. However, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have a separate room for the device. If you’re not OK with bulky size, go for space-saving features like a small track or a folding treadmill.

Track size and handles:

Saying that you can go for small track size doesn’t mean you should for a running track that barely fits you in. You must consider the body size of the persons who are going to use it. Make sure they measure the body sizes and the treadmill opening size so that you can get in easily. Along with the track size, you must consider having a board handle so that the users can hold on to it. Most of the modern treadmills will come with heart rate monitors with the handles as well.

How Often And How Many People Will Use It

The next thing to consider how many people are going to use the treadmill and how often it will be used. If it’s only you who’s going to ride it, you should not go for an expensive high-end treadmill. High-end treadmills with high-power motors will cost you too much without any reason. If your other family members are also using it, you should consider getting a powerful treadmill for sure. In that case, you have to consider the motor to be super powerful and capable of producing enough power.

How Often And How Many People Will Use It

Motor horsepower:

Motor horsepower is a big thing when it comes to choosing an electric treadmill. The motor is the power source for the track roller, which drives the running track. The motor power determines how much power you’ll get from the treadmill. If you’re using the device alone, you’ll need much less power than using it with multiple users. Selecting the right power for the motor also depends on the usage type. The basic idea here is to take at least 2.0 continuous Horsepower (CHP) for walking, 2.5 CHP for jogging, and at least 3.0 CHP for running. If you weigh more than 200 lbs, you must add about 0.5 CHP to the mentioned list.

Automated or manual inclined:

The inclining feature is a great thing if you’re trying to get the most out of your treadmill and get in shape. This feature means the treadmill will bump up a little on the nose so that you get a climbing vibe while running on it. Most of the modern automated motorized treadmills come with an automated incliner. However, some manual and low-end treadmills come with a manual inclining system or no recliner at all. Get a treadmill with an automated incliner; as you go faster on the track, it automatically inclines the position from 5° to 20°.

Workout programs:

All the modern electric treadmills come with automated and preprogrammed workout programs that help you get in shape effectively. This workout presets come with predefined goals like weight loss training, endurance training, and so on. Before you choose a treadmill, make sure you go through the specifications and look at how much-automated workout presets you have. A good treadmill will offer you at least eight workouts presets and manual program input as well.

Weight capacity:

If you’re planning to use the treadmill alone and don’t have anybody else to share it with, this part is easier. But if you’re planning to get it for a few persons with different body shape and weight, it’s complex. Measure the weight of the heaviest person in your family who is going to use the treadmill. Make sure you have a look at the specifications, and you look for the weight capacity more than the heaviest person. Doing this will help you get the best service from the treadmill without having to worry about the safety of it.

Safety features:

Talking about treadmill safety, most of the gym and workout accidents occur with treadmills. If you end up being in an accident with your treadmill, you might hurt yourself badly. When you’re shopping for the treadmill, make sure you’re checking the safety features. Features like safety handles, Treadmill safety clips might save you from severe injury. A safety clip is the single most important thing in the safety department. If you wear it while running and slip somehow, the motor will immediately shut down.

Durability and Cushioning:

The durability of the treadmill defines for how long you’ll be able to get service from the machine. The quick idea to get better durability is to know what material is in use and how long the machine is getting under warranty. Treadmill cushioning is also important while buying one because it helps you not get hurt while running too fast. If your treadmill comes with a soft lawn-like cushioning, you’ll see that running on it feels completely different. It won’t hurt your feet even if you’re running barefoot. Especially if you’re a senior citizen, make sure you get one of the best treadmills for seniors.

Benefits Of Treadmills

Running is the most effective workout program that suits any aged person. A treadmill comes with tons of benefits that will help you in numerous ways, such as:

  • Treadmills are easy to use, yet they are super handy to get in shape and lose weight. You can control the speed and programs to get a better output.
  • Treadmills have an even and predictable surface that you won’t find in real life. So, you’ll get a smoother and safer running experience than regular terrain running.
  • You can monitor your health and heart condition with modern treadmills with the latest technologies inside.

Note: If you’re interested to know more about them, get through this detailed article on the benefits of treadmills

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about treadmills that you might want to have answers to:

Is it OK to run on the treadmill every day?

Yes, but you shouldn’t run on a treadmill each day if you’re trying to stay fit.

Is it better to run on a treadmill or outside?

Treadmills have an even and plain surface, so it’s safer, but running outside is more beneficial.

Does a treadmill reduce weight?

Yes, running on treadmills will help you reduce weight and get in shape.

Final Thought

Treadmills are the most beneficial home gym equipment that helps you get better physically and stay fit. Try to get as much Technology and features as you can in the treadmill you’re getting, especially the heart rate monitor and safety features.

I hope now you know how to choose a treadmill with the best possible features and benefits. No matter what treadmill you use in your home or work, be sure to get the safety features all in. Your safety is much more important than a treadmill; value that.

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