Do Treadmills Use A Lot Of Electricity In 2021?

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To lead a healthy lifestyle & doing exercise at your home, having a treadmill is one of the best options. Compared to other cardio exercise machines, it is the best, and that’s why it becomes the most popular exercise equipment for indoor and outdoor. By purchasing a treadmill, you already invest a good amount of money.

However, your spending on the treadmill isn’t finished yet. You have to consider some facts like repair & maintenance & running costs. Now the question that will come on your mind is, do treadmills use a lot of electricity? Well, you will get this answer when you complete the whole article. 

Do Treadmills Use a Lot of Electricity?

We all hate to pay a large amount of electricity bill. So it is not astonishing if you have a treadmill at your home & you are looking for an answer do treadmills use a lot of electricity? Though the amount of the bill completely depends on the quality of your treadmill and the usages.

Then again, it is estimated that a well-branded treadmill will cost less than 1$ per hour if the electricity bill is .1310 or less than it. The actual electricity cost could vary from a treadmill to another treadmill because of their motor capacity. 

The higher the capacity of the motor, the more electricity it will consume. There are some factors that I’m going to mention below that will help you to understand why, how & how much electricity will cost your treadmill.

  • The power capacity of the treadmill motor. The higher the motor capacity, the more amount of electricity it will consume.
  • The weight of the user is another important factor because the engine needs to produce more energy for weighted people.
  • The time of usage per day. Because of how many times  & how long you are running, the machine is directly related to how much electricity it is consuming. 
  • How speedy you run the treadmill. For higher speed, the motor of the treadmill consumes more electricity. 
  • How well you maintain your treadmill machine. 

Time Duration:

The duration of the exercise time is the first & foremost thing that determines how much electricity your machine consumes, and the higher the amount, the higher the bill.

For example, if you use your machine for two hours every day will consume more electricity than if you use 30 minutes. The logic is, the more you use the machine, the more it drains the electricity. 


Speed is another important factor that determines how much electricity your treadmill will consume. The slow pace will consume less electricity than a high pace. Because when you increase the speed, the treadmill motor needs to generate more power and to produce more power, it consumes more electricity. 

During the workout, we change the speed of the treadmill’s frequent time, sometimes we increase the speed and sometimes decrease. When we accelerate speed, the treadmill needs much electricity to provide sufficient power. 

Weight of the user:

The weight of the person also plays an important role in the electricity bill. The heavier the user, the more electricity the treadmill motor needs to generate the power. 

So based on the user’s weight, the amount of bill could increase and decrease because the motor of the treadmill consumes more electricity for a heavier person than a less weighted person. 

How Much Electricity Does a Treadmill Use?

It is a little bit tough job to calculate the exact amount of power that a treadmill usually uses. A well-branded treadmill consumes, on average, 300 to 900 watts per hour. However, the amount could vary from a treadmill to another treadmill based on the factors that we described above. 

How Much Electricity Does a Treadmill Use

To calculate the exact amount, you can connect a power meter with your treadmill, then multiply the amount you get by the hours you use in a month. When you get the number of watts that your treadmill consumes per month, multiply the amount with your local-electricity cost. 

For example, if you use your treadmill for one hour every day in a week, you will have 30 hours per month. 

So if your treadmill consumes 700 watts per hour, then the total watts it consumes per month is 21,000 watts. Now you need to convert the watts into kilowatts to calculate the electricity bill with local electricity price. Suppose 1 kilowatt in your area costs 10 cents per hour, so your treadmill will cost 21*10 = 210/ 2.10$. The actual price will depend on the prices of your area’s local electricity bill.

Tips for Saving Electricity When Using a Treadmill

The more you can save energy, the less amount of bills you have to pay for your treadmill, and as well as your every single amount of energy-saving directly contributes to the betterment of the world.

Tips for Saving Electricity When Using a Treadmill

Now here in this section, I’m going to show you some tips that will help you to save electricity when you use a treadmill. 

  • Always turn the switch off your treadmill when you are not using it.
  • Please don’t run the machine too fast unless it is necessary because the faster you run, the greater energy it will consume.
  • Please keep it on your mind that the heavier the weight of the user, the more energy it will consume. 
  • Lubricant the belt of your treadmill with silicone to avoid any friction against the treadmill board because if there is any friction, the motor of the machine will consume more electricity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here in this section, you will find some questions and answers that people frequently asked about treadmills. Read the section carefully to get an answer if you have the same question. 

Where do treadmills plug?

You can plug your treadmill into any grounded outlet that can deliver sufficient electricity for your treadmill. The manufacturer suggests using a surge suppressor to ensure the appropriate standard.

How many volts does a treadmill use?

You can plug into your treadmills into any 120-volt circuit. However, if your treadmill is rated the volt 110, 115, 120, then a 120-volt circuit is enough to run a treadmill.

Should you unplug a treadmill when not in use?

Unplugging the treadmill from electricity when you are not using it helps to save electricity and increase the lifetime of the machine. So it is better to unplug the treadmill when you are not using the treadmill.

Can I plug my treadmill into a regular outlet?

Yes, you can plug into a treadmill into a regular outlet only when it fulfills the required output. For example, if your treadmill requires 120-volt and your regular outlet can fulfill that, you can use it.

Final Thought

By purchasing a treadmill, you already make the most challenging decision. Now, if you read the whole article, you have the answer to the question that you are looking for do treadmills use a lot of electricity?

On average, a treadmill may consume 300-900 watts. Though the exact amount of electricity, you can’t determine that a treadmill could consume until you connect it with a power meter. Based on the factor that we describe above in this article, the amount of electricity will vary from a treadmill to a treadmill.

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