Can I Use Elliptical After Hip Replacement?

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An Elliptical Trainer is a piece of gym equipment that is also known as an X-Trainer. It is used to run, walk, and stair climbs without getting extra pressure to the joints and reduces the risk of impact injuries. As a result of that, people with injuries can use it easily to keep themselves fit. Some Elliptical trainers present Cardiovascular workout as well and work with a person’s lower and upper body.

Elliptical machine puts less stress on your joints and helps reduce fat. Besides, If you are suffering from joint pain, exercising with an elliptical machine can help you most. No doubt, exercising with an Elliptical trainer brings lots of benefits, but a common question we are oftentimes asked is, Can I Use Elliptical After Hip Replacement?

Well, as stated by some physiotherapists,  “An Elliptical trainer may be the best selection as an exercise machine after a hip replacement surgery”. This exercise tool allows people to bring off weight-bearing exercise without creating much more pressure on their new hip joint. However, in this context, we’ll illuminate broadly how you can use an Elliptical machine with hip and knee replacement

Can I Use Elliptical After Hip Replacement

If we answer the question in short, then we’ll say “YES” you can. Now a question may emerge then how you can use and what’s the specialty of this exercise equipment, right?  Well, let’s explain. An Elliptical trainer or X-trainer is a wonderful choice for both hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery. Because you’ll get the benefits of weight-bearing exercise that develop the bone’s heath by downsizing the impact of jogging and walking. You’ll get Elliptical for Short People in the market as well.

Can I Use Elliptical After Hip Replacement 

Working out with an elliptical trainer improves the strength of your legs, hips, and joints thus aiding you to revive faster. However, you have to kick off slowly when you use it for the first time after hip replacement. And ensure that you have set the elliptical’s resistance to the lowest level. After setting up the resistance level, slowly get on the machine and position your hands on the arms and make it comfortable for you.  Increase the resistance level with the passage of time depending on whether you are getting stress on your hip joints or not.

Safety Precaution When Using Elliptical After Hip Replacement

If you would like to exercise with elliptical equipment after hip replacement, you have to follow some safety precautions. Otherwise, you may get injured on your new hip. Here, we have assembled some safety precautions that you should abide by to avoid injury on both your knee joints and new hip joints.

Safety Precaution When Using Elliptical After Hip Replacement

  • Adjust the elliptical trainer’s resistance to the lowest level.
  • Without hurrying, ascend to the trainer and return a comfortable footing on the paddles.
  • Keep your hand on the arm grips of the trainer and gain comfort in the position.
  • Steadily paddles backward until you reach the level that is convenient for you. Then kick off moving forward.
  • Upgrade the resistance level of the trainer gradually. But set a lower resistance level for half an hour in one session.
  • Make sure that you have set an equal resistance level for both the upper body and lower body.

How to Use Elliptical After Hip Replacement

There is some strong evidence on the internet that elliptical machines confer low impact exercise and reduce injuries. An elliptical machine also alleviates hip pain and strengthens hip muscles as well.

According to AAOS (American Academy Of Orthopaedic Surgeons) “ Effective workout 1 month after hip surgery can heal the hip pain easily” But you have to perceive the right way of using Elliptical after hip replacement, otherwise, it will be a reason for new ache on your joints.

How to Use Elliptical After Hip Replacement

In this segment, we have pointed out how you can use an elliptical trainer after hip replacement without getting injured.

1. Warm-Up Before Elliptical Training

People with a hip replacement should warm up before ascending to the elliptical trainer. According to the Mayo Health Care Company, “ Warming up before Aerobic exercise stimulates the cardiovascular system and increases the blood flow of your muscles”. Consequently, your muscle soreness decreases and you can exercise more time avoiding the risk of injury.

2. Ascending On the Machine

Don’t hurry while you are planning to get on the elliptical trainer. Just after you step on the pedal of the machine, it will continue moving. Now hold the left handle if you are to the left of the machine and step into the right pedal. If you are on the right of the machine then grasp the right handle and left foot on the left pedal.

3. Configure the Setting

Once you are on the trainer, kick-off peddling slowly or you can start your workout by pressing on the “Quick Start” option. From the setting, create the incline to go up or down and enhance the resistance level. A diagram will be seen on the left of the machine that will show which leg muscles are working and which are not relying on the incline setting.

Configure the Setting

4. Avoid Taking Much Pressure on Your Joints

Using an Elliptical trainer after hip replacement is not difficult but you have to maintain a few things. Suppose, when you workout with the trainer, make sure that there is less pressure on the muscles of your hip. Otherwise, it can bring new injuries. Getting much pressure and higher-impact activities increase the risk of injury to your hip.

5. Minimize Workout Duration

After the hip replacement, you can’t work out more than you did the previous time. You should minimize the time duration of elliptical training that is suggested by Orthopedic Surgeons.  Suppose, if you exercised 3 times per week then reduce it to once a week. For the first time after hip replacement, use Elliptical for 5-10 minutes and increase the duration with the passage of time not overnight.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly the Elliptical trainer is one of the best inventions that can reduce soreness and strengthen muscles.  From burning body fat to maintaining body fitness after injury. Elliptical trainers bring advantages for both the upper body and lower body as well.

However, in this context, we have conferred an answer to the question: Can I Use Elliptical After Hip Replacement? You can obviously use it but you have to know the proper usage guide. We have demonstrated in the above how you can use it with your hip replacement. If you maintain the things as we mentioned, you won’t get hurt on your hip for sure.

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