Bowflex Blaze Vs Pr1000: Which One to Put More Weight?

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Those who are regular to the gym can now use the all in one gym equipment at home. Bow flex is a company that produces varieties of gym materials in a combined formation. Today we will discuss Bowflex blaze vs pr1000. The producer company of these two products is Bow flex.

These machines are lightweight and easily detachable to small parts. The rod of the machines can hold the maximum weight capacity of a human being. All the gym-related exercises are put in those machines for less travel in the gym. The machines are smoother and durable enough to function every exercise correctly. But both the Blaze and PR1000 have their unique features.

Table of Contents:

The following part of our content will help you get an overall idea about Bowflex blaze vs pr1000.

Comparison Chart:

Following is the comparison chart of bowflex blaze vs pr1000 that might help you in finding the suitable one for yourself.

Topic Bowflex Blaze Bowflex Pr1000
Performance Blaze is durable and flexible to use


Pr1000 performs better and smoother
Powerful The Blaze has the capability of holding a heavier weight Pr1000 is powerful enough to carry weight at a specific limit
Frame The sturdy structure of the Blaze has no limitation to human body pressure. The frame of the Pr1000 can easily adjust with any low pressure.
Safety The blaze is safe for rehabilitation setting purposes. Working out with the use of pr 1000 may result in less muscle soreness than free weights and is incredibly grateful for beginners.


Chest exercise The essential chest exercise for both males and females can be quickly done. The number of chest exercises is 8. For bringing your chest in a perfect shape, you can smoothly perform the incline and decline press. The number of chest exercises is half of the Blaze.
Arm Exercise Using the Blaze, you can perform the Arm lift up at ease. The number of arm exercises is 4 times more than pr 1000.


For making a compact deltoid muscle, you can use the Pr 1000. You can at least perform 4 Arm exercises with it.
Abdomen Exercise You can increase the Abdomen muscles: trans versus abdomen, rectus abdomen, and external oblique. The number of Abs exercises is 5. Machines set up at an angle incline 45° handling and seating very accurately using Pr 1000. The number of Abs exercises is 2.
Leg Exercise You can increase the Adductor muscle, biceps, gastrocnemius muscle of the leg using Blaze. Using Pr 1000 you can increase the Gluteus, quadriceps femoris, Sartorius muscle, le, and soleus muscle.
Dimension The dimension of Blaze is 84″ x 38″ x 81″. The dimension of Pr 1000 is L 90″ x W 38″ x H 83″.

BowFlex Blaze Vs Pr1000: Main Difference

How many workouts can you perform with a bow flex home gym? Each model is a variant for this purpose. All of them hold common exercises like pulldowns, bench press, bicep curl, and triceps extensions. Let’s make a difference between Bowflex blaze and pr1000.

BowFlex Blaze Vs Pr1000: Main Difference

1. Key Specs & Features

The Key specification and features for both the Blaze and Pr 1000 are described below in detail. We focussed on the main key features that you need to know before purchasing.


  • The friction in the spiral flex of Blaze is 220lbs.
  • The Power rod friction of pr 1000 is 210 lbs.

Exercise Quantity:

  • You can perform over more than 100 possible exercises in Blaze.
  • More than 70 plus exercises run through the Pr 1000.


  • You can quickly create the arms movement of Bowflex Blaze.
  • The system of Pr 1000 can do the rowing in an anaerobic method.

Upgradable Option:

  • You can update your blaze machine further in the future.
  • Unfortunately, no further upgrade can be done in pr 1000.

2. Versatility

How versatile the Bowflex blaze and pr1000 are given below.

Bow flex Blaze

One of the most versatile home gym equipment is the Bow flex blaze. Talking about its versatility will always be a disgrace to the machines. However, the Bow flex Blaze can perform more than 60 exercises. The weight capacity is more than enough, and it is the one that a professional can use instead of walking towards the gym.

Bow flex PR 1000

Bow flex PR 1000

You don’t need to move outside to do the gym workout. With this machine, you can function more than 30 exercises at ease. Though it is not enough for the professionals, you can use this instrument at home instead of going to the gym as a newbie.

3. Space requirement

Both the bow flex gym instruments are adjustable in the home. They can be folded back after usage. The length of Pr1000 is 103 inch whereas the Blaze is 90 inch which is 10 inches shorter. The width of the Pr1000 is 80 inches, which is 42 inches broader than the Blaze.

Both the instrument’s height is closer to 80 inches. So, the overall Blaze is perfect for adjusting inside a room of your house. It doesn’t mean that Pr1000 can’t be adjustable inside a room. You can somehow manage to keep both of them.

4. Weight Capacity & Upgradability

Weight Capacity & Upgradability

Bow flex Blaze

The maximum weight capacity of the Blaze machine is 300lbs. You can further upgrade this machine by adding or exchanging the parts.

Bow flex Pr 1000

Similar to the Blaze this machine can also carry 300lbs of weight over it. No more up-gradation is possible with the Pr 1000.

5. Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of BowFlex Blaze:

  • More than 60 strength training exercises
  • Resistance can be upgraded to 310 pounds or 410 pounds
  • Foldable bench
  • Easy to move
  • The maximum weight of use is 300 lbs
  • Difficult to operate

Here are some pros and cons of PR 1000:

  • Having 30+ strength exercise
  • Easy to shift from one workout to another
  • It is convenient and durable
  • Full workout functioning
  • Fast result of your outfit
  • No wheels
  • For a tough guy, the resistance is not worth enough

Final Words: Who is Winner?

Between Bowflex blaze vs pr1000, we would suggest you choose bow flex blaze. The model provides you with a lot more exercises to keep your body fit and challenged. It also has upgradable resistance so that you use it for a longer time. On the other hand, the Pr1000 is not the worst, but it is the most usable and handy instrument to do gym work, for starters.

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