Are The Elliptical Machines Bad For Your Knees?

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Bad weather can really hamper a good workout day. Elliptical machines are the best help during these times. All types of people can use this machine to have a satisfactory workout. Even for people with arthritis or any kind of physical limitation, the elliptical machine is a good choice. But the main question remains: are elliptical machines bad for your knees? Let’s know the answer in the latter sections.

Are The Elliptical Machines Bad For Your Knees?

Elliptical machines are cycle-like machines that help a person to workout from home. These machines are often used by elderly people with arthritis or people with other physical disabilities. The cyclical rotations that we do in elliptical machines actually help us to strengthen our hamstrings, quads, knees, and ankle muscles.


A lower body sideway workout can increase the blood flow in our body, which is eventually good for our knees. This is why many hospitals, care homes, physiotherapy centers have elliptical machines installed for their patients. As we can see, people with joint pain are using this machine as doctors recommended, so it is clearly not bad for knees.

You can wonderfully use elliptical machines to reduce weight. This is a common use of that machine we all know. But there are more uses than this. You can also use an elliptical machine in cardio. It is a great way to boost one’s cardiovascular endurance.

It is also suitable for both men and women and even for pregnant women. During pregnancy working out is a must, and with an elliptical machine, a pregnant woman can do a safe workout at home. It is even suitable for a post-pregnancy workout. Moreover, it’s a great machine that can be often used indoors, which makes it easy for people who are not willing to go out. It’s portable, and you can exercise anywhere you want to inside your house.

Although there are all these positive effects, you must know what is really good for you. Modern elliptical machines come with different types of features. Choosing a suitable model for you is essential. Different settings can help you get your desired form of workout. If you have hips and knee problems, it is always better to consult a doctor or a trainer before starting your workout.

Main Reasons of Elliptical Machine Is Good for Bad Knees

Some main reasons are as follows:

Main Reasons of Elliptical Machine Is Good for Bad Knees

Fat loss:

Losing fat from any part of your body can be very beneficial for you. Elliptical machines can help both your body part, upper and lower to lose some fat. While using the elliptical machine, your calories burn faster than walking, which helps you to lose fat. A study shows that walking 1 hour can help you burn 221 calories if the speed is 2 miles per hour. On the other hand, if you cycle on an elliptical machine, you can burn 346 calories in one hour.

It is also easy to pick up speed in an elliptical treadmill like you can pick the pace up to 4 miles per hour in just one hour. Losing fat from the upper body can help you to avoid many health risks. And, not to mention, the reduced weight will keep your knee healthy.

The posture:

There are some simple rules one should maintain during an elliptical exercise. In Most elliptical machines, one can sit down and cycle the machine. Elliptical bikes and treadmills both have handles to rest the arm, which helps to keep the balance during a workout. Elliptical machines have specially designed paddles, and during a workout, these paddles help a person keep the feet in place and reduce the risk of injury.

Good for your joints:

Using elliptical machines for working out actually has good effects on your joints. In fact, doctors suggest arthritis patients do the workout on an automatic elliptical treadmill. According to orthopedics, during an elliptical workout, our feet are resting on the paddle while we swing our legs back and forth, which is why it is pounding the groundless.

This way, knees have less pressure on them, so the answer to ‘are elliptical machines bad for your knees’ is no, it’s not. Also, the constant, smooth cyclical motion of the workout helps your hips and legs to relax and strengthen muscles. This procedure works, and at the same time, the muscles strengthening around the joints help an arthritis patient to get rid of the pain.

Maintain the time:

Working out is beneficial for health, that is no doubt. Every day working out at a particular time can help us build up sound physical and mental well being. But excessive workout can do the opposite, especially to those who have a previous history of bone disease. Working out 7 days straight is not necessary, according to experts.

Always make sure to warm up first before starting the workout. Even shoes and workout clothes matter a lot more than we realize. You need a perfect sized shoe that is comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all elliptical machines the same?

Elliptical machines can vary in models and usage. Some elliptical machines are specially designed to work for arthritis patients. Many are designed to be used in regular gyms.

Can you do elliptical every day?

The American Council on exercise suggests that it is unnecessary to use an elliptical machine every day. You can use it five to six days and have a ‘rest day’ on the seventh. A 60 minutes workout per day is enough for a healthy human being.

Is elliptical better than walking?

For burning calories, elliptical machines can help more than walking. However, for other workouts, walking is better. Also, people who want to avoid going out can easily make it work with elliptical machines.

Learn 3 Reasons on Why Elliptical Are Good for Your Knees

Final Thought

So, finally, to answer the question ‘are elliptical machines bad for your knees?’ No, they are not bad at all. Moreover, elliptical machines help you actually do have a regulated exercise of your knees. As with this machine, you can do a minimum weight-bearing exercise. Using it in the right way has no side effects.

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